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Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome to my blog, tis bout my fruit & veg growing allotment in Somerset U.K. I started Allotmenteering seriously in 2009, hoping that it would keep me fit & active after a severe illness. This is the story so far.  
I was allocated a full plot from several new ones that had just been added to my local allotments. The plot had been unused for over 30 years. In fact this particular area of ground was last used when horses & ploughs were working on it. Looking at the type of weeds growing on it I knew it would be fertile and acidic. It was approximately 30 meters long x 15 wide and on a gentle downward slope from the allotment access road to the bank of a drainage ditch & hedgerow at the bottom of the slope.

After the ground where my shed was to go had been leveled and the shed construction was underway, it was time to mark out the various planting areas for fruit & veg, paths & perimeters.

 The soil from the drainage ditch bank contained oodles of soot (dumped…