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Looks Like More Rain Dear

Almost midday again & the rain is still coming down accompanied by a stiffening breeze. Although last weekend was dryish the last 2 days have been wet again and its getting really frustrating now thinking about the jobs I could be doing down the plot, wondering what's in store (or won't be) for 2012. Anyway that's the moaning over with.
 Yesterday I decided to re-cycle and shred all the used Christmas wrapping paper & cardboard. All was going well until 1300 (lucky number 13)? when the shredder didn't like the fact that an unused Christmas cracker exploded as I shredded it, and gave up the ghost. Well you live & learn. By the time I'd finished tearing up the rest of the cardboard & paper I had 3 binbags full of good composting material. I'd salvaged a handful of string, (useful for plant ties later) and the plastic coated bits of wire (regularly found securing presents to cardboard these days) will also come in handy for plant ties.
The bin men…

Ten Days to Christmas

The recent almost relentless rain held off yesterday afternoon, so I ventured down to my plot to check things out. The allotments were misty and quiet except for the squawking of several Crows and Magpies which were flying around looking for something to eat.  The ground was well saturated and even the grass paths were turning to mud when walked on. I picked enough Sprouts to fill a large plastic tray and cut 3 cabbages. The Sprouts will be kept back for Christmas dinner, if the wet weather continues I might not get back to the plot until after Christmas, I thought.
 Due to the wet ground I didn't bother to pull any of my remaining Carrots. I had a chat with one of my fellow plot holders, the usual topics of course,wet weather, arthritis, botritis and when not to buy a hosepipe. I will try and add some photographs to this post over the coming weekend. Bye for now. There's always tomorrow.

Breezy Wednesday 7th December

A strong cold wind was blowing when I ventured down to my plot on Wednesday morning. I stayed in the shed for a while waiting for the wind to drop and shelling Runner Beans which I had left there earlier to dry out.
I laid the Beans out in a couple of trays and put them in my shed cupboard out of the reach of any mice or other vermine that might intrude into the shed over the Winter looking for food.
The wind had died down slightly by the time I had finished the beans so I forked over the bed recently used for brassicas. Despite the recent torrents of rain, the soil was workable and not as sticky as I had suspected, although much of the clay about a spit down was well wet. The remaining Sprouts at the end of the bed were looking well formed and should be great with Christmas dinner. I added some more compost & kitchen waste to my Runner Bean trenches. By this time the light was fading and it was quite chilly again so I called it a day.
 There's always tomorrow!

Mild Monday 28th Nov 2011

After a rainy weekend I managed a visit to the plot on Monday morning. A slight breeze & weak sunshine had dried the ground enough to do some weeding and hoeing. I had finished the lower half of the plot by mid-afternoon. Then I cleared the dead leaves from underneath the Currant bushes, earthing them up and loosening the surrounding soil as I went along. Several other plot holders were taking advantage of the mild afternoon to work on their plots. Our site rep and one of our committee members were working on the allotment access road, laying new hardcore and tarmac, to improve the roads' surface.
My Lemon Balm had self seeded, so I lifted the 5 new plants and potted them up for later use. Due to the mild weather three of my Runner beans were growing away, from roots I had left in the ground. My Alpine strawberries were still producing fruit and flowering too. After doing some more tidying up it was starting to turn a little colder and looked like it was about to rain, so by th…