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2 Days to a Shorter Winter Month

Although many plants & the soil benefit from cold weather & rain, I will be glad when January & February come to an end this year. The inconsistency of the weather recently does nothing to aid planned outdoor jobs, working the soil, early germination or indeed deciding wether or not to wear a wooly hat.

After 10 Minutes

This week despite heavy rain I have been able to clear my top fruit bed of weeds & turn & hoe it. More mulch was added to my Rhubarb crowns, (which seem to be enjoying the colder weather), after they had been earthed up.
 My 2 year old Pear tree had a couple of branches growing from the rootstock which were removed. The cuttings could be propagated & used for future rootstock, but I do not have room for more fruit trees so the cuttings will come in handy as pea sticks.

Fruit Bed weeded-Rhubarb Mulched

I prepared six large plastic barrels which I am using for sowing Carrot seeds into later. I added compost from my heap to the barrels with a layer of soil on top then added a layer of potting compost onto the soil. If this method of growing Carrots is not a success, the barrels can be emptied later & the contents used to feed the surrounding soil.

Barrels ready for Carrot Sowing

For some time now I have been adding all my discarded paper & cardboard to my compost heap. I noticed when moving the compost yesterday that there was a tremendous increase in the amount of worms within the compost which I attributed to the additional paper & card?

Who Needs a Wormery

Couldn't Find Another Bit of Downpipe
More seeds have been "trayed" & "potted" up today. The ground is too wet for sowing peas, even under cloches, so another 100 Hurst Greenshaft were sown into deep trays as well as 100 Spring Cabbages (Spring Hero). Spring Hero can usually be sown in Spring or Autumn.

Seeds Awaiting the Correct Germinating Temperatures?

Friday afternoon was spent helping one of my fellow plot holders move the remainder of his gardening equipment to his new allotment. It took 4 of us to carry the greenhouse around the allotment road about 500 meters to its new home. This was surprisingly easy, until we reached its final resting place & then realized it had to be lifted up over a row of raspberries and their recently installed 2 meter high supports??? Ever had one of those days?

Never mind there's always tomorrow!!


  1. seriously impressed by your carrot barrels! Love the before and after sky over lottie pics.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I will be adding 2 more barrels as soon as the weather thaws out if the Carrot Fly get in there this year I will use fleece covering at ground level in future.


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