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A BIG Thank You

Due to the overnight & this mornings' heavy rain and cold winds, I spent the day indoors rather than risking getting soaked down the plot. At about 4 pm I received a phone call from my Allotment Representative, who informed me that my shed & several others had been broken into overnight. I went down to my plot to inspect the damage. I was lucky on this occasion, only a slightly bent metal fastening on my shed door was apparent. Three or four other sheds had been damaged and their padlocks forced off. One of my fellow plot holders poly tunnel was badly damaged where it had been slashed open. Luckily the thieves were disturbed by one of our plot owners who lives nearby, before they could cause anymore damage or theft.

I would just like to say thank you, to these spineless scum, who sneak around in the darkness damaging & stealing other peoples' property. Whether they think so or not, they have NO right or justification for taking or damaging other peoples property. If they haven't got a brain to EARN a living then I suggest that they earn an education before someone teaches them a lesson they won't appreciate!!

Maybe tomorrow!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles - I have been broken into twice with stuff taken so I know how you are feeling.

    1. Thanks for the comment Elaine & sorry to hear you've had the same hassle. I think the worst thing about this type of problem is that the perpetrators are never brought to book or treated leniently and the nuisance value after the damage has been done.

  2. So sorry to hear about your shed, but glad to hear that they didn't do too much damage. Horrible receiving such news.
    We had our sprout seedlings stolen one year - makes you want to sit on your plot overnight to catch them in the act B#@**s!

    1. Thanks for kind remarks Belinda, at least I had nothing stolen, not like your sprouts, that's even more annoying than the damage done to my shed. Several of us will be making late night visits to the plots from this week on.

  3. Sad news and really irritating that the culprits are hard to catch. Had a similar experience last year - more antisocial behaviour than anything - have improved security since. Changes I made was:

    Put 6ft door on post half way up allotment path.

    Put wire mesh right across the plot x3 to train logan berries, peas and kiwi fruit

    Erected a wooden fence around greenhouse and shed with padlocked gate (a compound);

    Put old fire guards on shed windows and hinged fire guard on door so when put across edge of shed door can lock a padlock so wire mesh covers vulnerable shed door edge (can't crowbar the door open);

    Planted pyrocanthus and bushes near front of plot (very spiky);

    Put small fences near vulnerable area of entry;

    Put fire guard on main gate to make it 7ft high - also hedge is 6ft high with greenhouse behind it;

    Plot fence a good 6ft high along main border.

    All hopefully will deter any wander intruder.

    If you can get them - fire guards are really useful - here is a photo - you can see the damage that a crow bar did top right of door.

    Interior door and logan berry wire fence:

    Fire guard on main gate and hedge barrier with greenhouse behind:

    Security fence - my compound around shed and greenhouse!!

    Hope you find this useful!

    All the best - Ben

    1. Thanks for the comment Ben and the excellent advice about security measures. I've got a fireguard over the window of one of my sheds. Due to its location fences aren't practical. The door on this shed definitely needs reinforcing though. The other shed is pretty well secure, as it's built into a soil bank & made from thick pallet wood with metal sheeting attached to its sides. The window is covered with a wooden shutter. I'm adding trip wires around the other shed soon & a couple of other wire security measures integrated with various shrubs/climbers.


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