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Old Master Unearthed

As one of the objectives of this blog is to keep a record of my sowing & planting activities I ventured into the world of drawing yesterday. Using Googles' Docs I created a plan of my 2nd allotment plot. Well, I expect Leonardo Da Vinci had to start somewhere & I don't suppose he had the advantage of such a sophisticated piece of software as Google supplies???????

The green areas are grass paths. All areas are planted except for Runner Beans and Sweetcorn. One row of Lettuce & 1 row of Beetroot has been sown at the top end of the Sweetcorn area today. The plot width is 10 metres. Length is 30 metres. Oddly enough the plan is not to scale!!


  1. Looks much more organised than my dodgy sketches!

  2. Thanks for the comment Karen, Just working on another plan of my main plot, but been busy today modifying a rotavator. I'm covered in engine oil at the moment so the next plan might be "in oils"?

  3. No picture came up on the screen just a red cross where the diagram should be!

    1. Thanks Elaine. I've embedded the code from Google into the post. Picture shows up with Internet Explorer & Firefox. Can't find a problem from my end unless Google settings have altered, remotely.

  4. Just noticed.....250 sweetcorn plants!!!! Your plot must be huge!

    1. The number is correct, some of the plants will go to the left of the Blackcurrants in the blank area on the diagram and some on my other plot. I've got approximately 100 already germinating in pots. The rest will be sown this coming weekend into pots so they don't all mature at the same time. I use Lark f1, it's not a massive plant but the cobs rarely let me down.

    2. The Sweetcorn area indicated on the diagram is 19 feet by 13 feet so should take 150 plants in blocks with reasonable spacing.


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