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Waiting for Oca

Last week the weather looked liked it would give us a glorious warm & sunny March. How things have changed in 48 hours. Shrouded in mist & fog for the last 2 days with the temperatures well down on last week, a visit to the plot yesterday was curtailed.
After sowing a few Runner beans & Sweetcorn seeds into modules & pots inside my shed, the cold, dampness in the air, wouldn't allow my fingers (and toes) to warm up so I left for home about 1-30pm. Several of my fellow plot holders were in attendance during the late morning, doing various tasks on their plots but most of them left early too.

Cabbages & Peas in Cold Frame (8th March)

For the last couple of weeks, up until yesterday, I have been busy sowing various seeds both outside & into various containers in my sheds & greenhouse. The lettuce I sowed outside a couple of weeks ago have already made an appearance. I sowed 50% under cloches & 50% in the open. Both rows germinated on the same day so in future, unless the weather is seriously cold, I will dispense with 1 more task, that of laying down covers to warm the soil over Winter.

Rhubarb Doing Well 1 Tray of Lettuce & 1 Tray of Cabbages Hardening Off (8th March)
All the Peas I have sown both under cover & in the open are doing well as are the Parsnips. My Rhubarb plants are looking in very good shape. I enjoyed a nice Rhubarb crumble at the weekend with 4 stems from 1 of the plants. 28 out of 30 Cucumber seeds sown into pots in my greenhouse are coming on well as are the first batch of Runner beans and Tomatoes. Several trays of Cabbages are well on their way but no luck with the Brussels Sprouts that germinated a couple of weeks ago. Although I have not had any damping off yet, it seems that the sprouts don't like being sown in good compost, so last Sunday I sowed another 2 rows directly into soil in my Brassicas bed.

More Peas & Cabbage in Cold Frame Runner Beans in Pots (8th March)

Most of my fruit bushes are budding at the moment and the Strawberry plants have a good amount of new growth on them. The Onions don't seem to mind either the colder temperatures or the changes in temperature and seem to be developing merrily away. No sign of any Carrots popping through yet though, except for the few that were sown last October.

Goji Berry Plants "Greening Up" (8th March)
Yesterday, against my better judgement I ordered some more Carrot & Lettuce seeds and also some,
(new to me), Oca.
Oca is from South America (The Andes) and is similar to Potatoes with a hint of Lemon taste. The tubers can be eaten raw, roasted, boiled, fried, steamed or mashed. As they are late developing (harvest from November to December) and don't suffer from diseases associated with Potatoes, if I have any problems with my spud crop then the Oca will hopefully be a welcome addition.

Gotta go now & water some seedlings in the greenhouse. Wishing you good germination & warm weekends to come.

There's always tomorrow.


  1. wow you are Super organised, and sounds like your well under way for the season.I plan to sow some peas this week what varietys do you sow?

    1. Thanks for the comment Stacy, Without bragging I hope, This year has been well organized mainly due to an early start & good weather in January. The weather here at the moment is foggy cold & damp, (all week) which is stopping me planting seedlings out. The peas I use are Hurst Greenshaft & Oregan Sugar Pod. P.S. My Spuds were starting to show yesterday.


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