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Paddy Field or Plot

The incessant rain finally abated about 1015 this morning, after putting my kayak back into the garage I drove down to my allotment to assess the outcome of the weekends storms. Only 2 other allotment holders were on sight and were busy draining rain water away from their plot.

My 2nd Plot from the road

Many plots were partially or mostly flooded, mainly the plots close to the allotment road, which was acting as a barrier, preventing the surface water from draining down the, (North to South) slope into the drainage ditch on the South side of the allotments.

Middle area of my 2nd Plot (Lettuce & Beetroot Under Water)
Top area of my 2nd Plot

My main plot was looking O.K. Although the ground was saturated the only area which had standing water on the surface was around my shed close to the drainage ditch.

My second plot was a different picture. Most of the area planted with spuds was waterlogged. 4 rows of Letttuce were under water and the lower end of the plot, nearest to the road was well under water. Sticking a garden fork into various parts of the ground, to see if the water would drain off, achieved little, except to stir up lots of mud. I checked my sheds for wind damage & water leaks, all was well. After filling a couple more rainwater barrels with water from the swollen drainage ditch I picked a couple of soaking wet lettuce for tea, swam back to my car & sailed home.
Another plot further along the road

My neighbours plot (other side of the road to my main plot)

Angle shade moth sheltering from the rain in my shed

There's more rain tomorrow!!


  1. Oh crikey - you did get hit bad. We have had constant rain for days but our soil is very free draining so didn't have any problems. I hope your plants don't sustain too much damage.

  2. Thanks Elaine, It's the worst I've seen the ground. We are expecting another 2" of rain tonight, at least the wind has dropped & the temperature has risen slightly. Can't complain as some areas around here are really bad.

  3. Well, they say you should have a pond on your plot but I think you may have taken it too far! We need some sunshine to evaporate all that off if it's not going to go down to where you need it.
    I'll be happy as long as the frost doesn't get us this weekend...

  4. I hope there's no frost this weekend too, that could cause some real damage all round. I ho-ed over about half of my 2nd plot yesterday, to "air out" the soil but it just unearthed more water/mud. It's raining here again at the moment. On the plus side my Lettuce & Rhubarb love the rain??

  5. Jeeesh! It certainly is bad where you are. The forecast said frost coming from this weekend.....

    1. Thanks for looking in. I've only seen flooding like this, in this area a handful of times in many years. I hope no-one gets any frost, but it's looking likely this weekend.


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