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Tomatoes in the Sky, Dinosaur Bones and Sweetcorn in a Bottle

Well, yet another relatively fine week with warm sunshine, showers, cool breezes and colder night time temperatures.
All in all a good week in which I have achieved  more sowing, planting & other "bits & pieces" down the plot.

The allotment rightly took second place to family visitors & visits over the Easter weekend & Monday saw me pruning a couple of large shrubs & generally tidying up my back garden again. I discovered a swarm of bees, in the flower border alongside my patio, had established an underground hive in the dry soil. Although I was loathe to disturb them the situation had to be dealt with.

Tuesday I was back down the plot & potting up was the order of the day, Runner beans (Scarlet Emperor), Sweetcorn (Lark F1) and Tomatoes (Alicante) were sown into various pots & containers and put into my cold frame. I decided to loosen up the soil in between my Potato ridges with the intention of utilizing the space for Lettuce or another crop at a later date, (maybe more Onions)?

Yesterday was spent checking all my seedlings, watering them and placing them out in the sun from their protection in the cold frames and shed. I discovered one tray of pots, marked Runner beans 23rd February. There was no signs of germination, so checking each pot I found not a bean. Either a very clever mouse had taken the lot without leaving a trace or I had filled the pots with compost & omitted to add the Beans. Must have been a mouse Agatha?

Tuesdays Teatime Salad & Crumble

The Sweetcorn which had been sown some time ago was ready to be planted out so I got started with the first 2 rows of the block. Whilst I was hoeing around the Sweetcorn I unearthed a miniature Dinosaur skull or possibly some sort of rodent, probably the one that had nicked my beans earlier. Later I potted up 6 more Gooseberry plants from some layering and sowed the first row of Runner beans direct, on my second plot.

Sweetcorn in a Bottle
Sweetcorn in Bottles & earthed up (213 to go)

Today I scrounged some pallets and timber from my local garden centre ready for constructing a sloping roof over my manure bin which will enable me to collect more rainwater. Just in time as the local news reported earlier today that drought restrictions are being announced in our area next week. After stacking the pallets and wood I laid out the trays of seedlings again in the warm sunshine and set to work planting more Sweetcorn & Cauliflowers, then watered the Leeks, Carrots, Turnips & Lettuce. The soils' surface is extremely dry even  after a few recent rain showers. 

Tomatoes in the Sky
Tomatoes in the Sky
Mallards in Drainage Ditch
Return of the Mallards (to Drainage Ditch)

There's always tomorrow.


  1. You put me to shame - I have done hardly anything at the allotment yet - it has been very wet here and I don't like to walk on the wet soil - no raised beds you see.

    1. It's a pity the weather hasn't been in your favour, unfortunately we can't control it. I'm sure you will "catch up" soon. Funnily enough the weather here is hit and miss and the main problem I've had this year is with temperatures fluctuating between outside, cold frames & sheds it's played havoc with potting up and a heavy frost is forecast for tomorrow night.

  2. you have been busy. i like what you habe done with the tomatoes i might give that a go this year.

    1. First time I've tried the hanging Tomatoes, I thought it might help to keep the blight off as they are in a sheltered position alongside my shed & above many wild plants near a hedgerow. I don't seem to have been as busy this year as past years except for lots of early seed sowing into pots/trays.


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