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Thursdays Top 10 Tryouts (Or Show Us Yer Tips 18)!!

Tomato flower

1. Old car wheels (minus the tyres) can be useful for storing your garden hose around. A long bolt or similar could be attached through a wheel nut hole to act as a winding handle.

2. Blossom end rot of Tomatoes is usually caused by calcium deficiency, usually in acid soils other triggers can be, irregular watering, waterlogged ground and lack of ventilation or humidity.

3. Did you know that Onions and Garlic are poisonous to cats and dogs.

4. Make a moth repellant mix from any combination of the following, Cloves, Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Dried Lemon Peel. Add the combination to a muslin bag and hang it in your wardrobe or put it in your clothes drawer.

5.Over the past couple of years I have noticed a distinct rise in the number of Earwigs inhabiting my plots. One method of catching them is to place inverted plant pots containing straw on top of sticks in different locations around the affected areas. Dispose of any trapped Earwigs on a daily basis.

6. If you have a fish pond in your garden ensure that any domestic or garden creatures that may accidentally fall into it, have an exit place to be able to climb out again.

7. Beetroot can develop a disease called Blackleg, normally at the seedling stage. The seedlings turn black & shrivel up. This is generally caused by thickly sown seeds not being thinned out or the seedlings growing on waterlogged soil.

8. June is usually a good month for clearing weeds from your Potato crop as well as earthing up the Potatoes, weather permitting?

9.Freezing broad beans - Shell and grade, blanch for 2 minutes OPEN freeze, then pack them. To use, plunge into boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes.

10. Companion planting - Planting Geraniums close to Grapes, Peppers, Roses or Tomatoes will benefit them.


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