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Wellies It Really June

Blackberry plant by kitchen door
Self Seeded Blackberry Plant Outside My Kitchen Door
 The good quality Wellington boots that I received as a present last Christmas are almost worn out already. Looking at the rain falling again today they will be getting used once again down the plot soon. Flaming June, it certainly is?? Earlier this year I said in one of my posts that I would be organizing my plots in accordance with the weather this year. Taking heed of an earlier weather forecast, of more rain, I decided to start some decorating last Sunday. Tis almost finished now, mainly due to the fact that it has been raining here for most of the week, (with a few sunny spells) and I haven't visited the plots since last Saturday. So the wet weather came in handy yet again, even if the only good thing about decorating is finishing it. I broke off from this post about half an hour ago to check on things down the plot, in the torrential rain. Just got back soaking wet with some nice Spring Onions, Lettuce and Rhubarb. The plots looked generally o.k. Most of the Potato plants have grown well in the past week. The garden peas (Hurst Greenshaft), French Beans (Cobra) and Carrots (Flyaway) which were sown last Saturday have germinated well. Most of the Brassicas are looking well and the Giant Pumpkins, Onions and Rhubarb have gone ballistic after this weeks rain. Four out of the eight Oca plants have survived the English climate and this year I have a lot of grapes developing on one out of two of my grapevines. On the downside the Cucumbers and Runner beans are looking a bit worse for the wet windy weather.

 As I am writing this post, "Chalky" the resident Blackbird in my back garden and his mate, unperturbed by the rain are currently feeding their chicks. They are continually flying back and forth, past my window with beaks full of various insects, to their nest in the Clematis, which runs along the trellis on my patio. They decided to build their second nest of the year, under the archway of my trellis, which is the main access to my garden. I have to keep a low profile so as not to disturb them. Last year they got stroppy, on an evening, when I switched my house lights on, without drawing the curtains, continually squawking until I did so, (obviously they didn't like the decor back then). If they decide to build a third nest I will have oodles of hedge trimming to do later this year?

"Chalkies" Nest Under the Clematis Archway (Worms Eye View)

There's always tomorrow.


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