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End of July Bed Time

Pumpkin Flower
Sunny Days
  Another week of horizon to horizon sunshine with plenty of harvesting done, down the plot. Watering of my crops has been called for twice this week, a far cry from letting the rain do its thing, only a few weeks ago.
Runner Beans
My First Pick of Runner Beans 28th July
 Today I picked the first batch of Runner beans which were sown on the 23rd of February. About 80% of the plants have reached their allotted height and been pinched out. The rest have yet to reach the top of their 8 foot canes. I lifted the first full row of main crop Desiree potatoes yesterday, giving me a yield of just over 12kg. Each plant had about 10/12 good sized tubers or 6/7 larger ones per plant. Only 2 plants had been affected by rotting off, from wet soil with 2 tubers showing signs of blight, (both tubers were growing very close to the soils surface), which has been apparent but limited to a handful of other plots on the allotments. The tubers were growing very shallowly, caused by compaction of the heavy clay soil, due to our earlier "monsoon" weather. Because of the hot temperatures and compacted soil, it took me six hours to lift 1 row of potatoes, clean the soil off them, dispose of the haulms and break down the clay where they had been growing. I think I may wait for cooler weather before attempting to harvest the rest of the crop. I need another 4 x 5kg bags of potatoes to break even on costs. Another 2 rows of Carrots have been harvested this week and were prepared for the freezer this afternoon, one event that should be included in the Olympics alongside the marathon?? I now have 3 x 5 litre containers of sliced Carrots in my freezer.
3 Trays of Carrots
More Carrots Harvested This Week
Queen Anns Lace with Carrot
Spot the Difference (Wild Carrot/Queen Anns Lace) & Carrot
 The last of my Blackcurrants were harvested midweek, a grand total of 80lbs of fruit was gratefully accepted. More jam making will be called for as time allows. My Autumn Raspberries have started to ripen this week and a few were picked today with more to be picked tomorrow. The lack of Apples, Pears and Plums this year is a disappointment, mainly blamed on this years weather,  but probably also due to my lack of pruning skills as well. All my Pumpkins have been pinched out as they have run amok since the start of the recent hot weather. The ground is now becoming difficult to cultivate due to the sunshine "baking" it, but hey, whose complaining, long may the warmth continue with no early frosts to come.

Top Bed 2nd Plot
End of July 2nd Plot Top Bed Runner Beans & Maincrop Potatoes
End of July 2nd Plot Lower Bed Maincrop Potatoes
My French climbing beans are at last starting to look healthy with 3 rows of Borlotties coming along nicely in the sunshine and warmth they love. My second sowing of garden peas is currently flowering well, alongside the Borlotties. Earlier in the year I had just about given up on outside Tomatoes being produced, but the 9 plants that survived are now doing well, so fingers crossed. My faithful old Rhubarb plants are still producing good stalks, although a few are gradually dying back. Maybe it will be a good finale to the growing season after all.
Potatoes Tomatoes End of July 2nd Plot
End of July 2nd Plot Bottom Beds Maincrop Potatoes, Tomatoes
End of July Depleted Strawberry Bed 2nd Plot
Arbutus Unedo
End of July Recently Planted Arbutus Unedo 2nd Plot
Sweetcorn End of July
End of July 2nd Plot Sweetcorn Bed

Main Plot Bottom Bed
End of July Main Plot Bottom Bed Above the Drainage Ditch (The Goji Plants Have Been Removed on Sunday 29/7/12)
Currant Bed End of July
End of July Main Plot Currant Bed
Carrots & Leeks
End of July Remaining Carrots with Leeks
Plum, Cherry, Pear & Apple Trees
Main Plot Top of Drainage Bank (Fruit Trees) Fruit this Year 1 Plum, 1 Apple, 1 Pear, No Cherries)
Arum Maculatum
Growing Beneath My Plum Tree (Arum Maculatum)
Brassica End of July
Remaining Brassica Main Plot End of July
Grapevine End of July
Grapevine Main Plot End of July
Legumes & Onions
Main Plot End of July Legumes Bed + Onions
Runner Beans & Rhubarb
Runner Beans, Rhubarb, (Lettuce Going to seed) Main Plot End of July, Goji Plants in Background Have Been Removed
Garden Snails
Garden Snails in Their Mobile Home Park, Underneath my Potting Table
Well its tomorrow already and Sunday teatime, New Potatoes, Runner beans and Carrots with Lamb.


  1. Your plot is absolutely amazing - you have been successful with a lot of things that haven't done well for me this year - I haven't had a single runner bean yet - I try not to get disheartened but sometimes it all seems an uphill struggle.

    1. Hi, Elaine, It has been a disheartening year this year and I think the disappointment is normal after one of the hardest gardening years for a long time. Beating the elements is a challenge, but would we be happy not knowing, if we didn't try in the first place?


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