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Fiction and Fact

Mainly attributed to this years unexpected, unusual & fluctuating weather conditions I have compiled 2 lists of the fruit & veggies which I have sown and cultivated to date. The first list is in the order of how I expected the crops to turn out, (given reasonable UK weather conditions). Quality, abundance, taste and difficulty in cultivation, being the criteria, used.
 My second list is the order in which they actually turned out.


2. Runner beans 
3. Peas
4. French climbing beans
5. Rhubarb
6. Onions (Including Spring onions)
8. Tomatoes (Outdoor varieties)
9. Strawberries
10. Raspberries
11. Blackcurrants
12. Cucumbers (Ridge)
13. Apples
15. Redcurrants 
16.White currants
17. Gooseberries
 18. Cabbage
19. Sprouts
20. Carrots
21. Parsnips
22. Pears
23. Beetroot
25. Turnips
26. Plums
27. Peppers
29. Cherries
30. Pumpkins
31. Oca
32. Grapes


1. Blackcurrants (Excellent size, abundance & taste)
2. Lettuce (Good sizes, fresh & abundant)
3. Peas (Good all round, no disease, very abundant)
4. Carrots (Grew quickly, crisp, sweet & abundant, huge crop)
5. Sprouts (Good plants, thinnings transplanted very well)
6. Rhubarb (3 plants very vigorous)
7. Beetroot (Excellent all round)
8. Potatoes (Earlies average, Main crop excellent size & amount) despite the wet ground.
9. Parsnips (Earlier than expected very good yield)
10.Tomatoes (Didn't like the wet/cold weather, doing well now)
11. Raspberries (Good crop no disease or pests)
12. Redcurrants (Cropped well, spoiled somewhat by birds)
13. White currants (Good crop, still cropping)
14. Swede (Germinated well, developing well this year)
15. Onions (Disappointing compared to last year, they didn't  like the damp weather, usable)
16. Gooseberries (Good yield, good size shape & taste)
17. Strawberries (Yield good, size & shape average)
18. Sweetcorn (Remaining plants are good but many seeds didn't germinate early in the year, in pots) 
19. Runner beans (Just coming good, lack of early germination slow to grow this year)
20.Khol-rabi (good size and shape, slow to develop)
21. Cabbage (Nice tasting, suffered from earwig damage inside the heads)
22. Pumpkins (Developing well in the sunshine, but will they ripen fully)
23. French climbing beans (very slow to germinate & grow, beans still forming)
24. Oca (Grew well indoors from tubers. Didn't like the cold outside, still growing)
25. Cucumbers (Germinated well, early, plants slow to develop, still growing)
26. Turnips (Grew well but slowed down by  flea beetle attacks, early in the year)
27. Grapes (Plants growing well with lots of grapes, more prolonged sunshine needed)
28. Peppers (Plants and their peppers slow to develop)
29. Apples (Tree fine lack of fruit)
30. Pears (               ditto       )
31. Plums (                  ditto          )
32. Cherries (                   ditto            )  

There's always tomorrow?? 



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