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Poetic Fortnight (With Apologies to William Shakespeare and Others)

heart potato
I LOVE Early Potatoes
Its been a busy fortnight, since my last blog post went up,
The weathers great, the veg is fine and the suns been out a lot,
Everyday for 13 now, I've visited my plot.

Rain and wind forgotten now, the soil is almost dry,
Clear blue skies and singing birds my smile is kind of wry,
I've cut the grass and pulled the weeds just like I know I outa,
Tomorrows job just has to be, yep, give the plants some water.

Earthing spuds up months ago I thought was heavy work,
But shelling peas and picking fruit has kept me extra busy,
Prepping carrots for the freezer, almost made me dizzy,
Sixty pounds of Blackcurrants, took me hours to pick,
If I eat all of the jam, I will probably be quite sick.

The Runner beans look healthy now, a long time they have stood,
The French beans and Borlotties are just now, coming good,
My garden peas have all been picked and stored inside my freezer,
I've turned the soil where they were grown, whats sown there now? well that really is a teaser. 

My early spuds were average, but tasted nice and sweet,
With Sundays roasts, they'll be a royal feast,
The main crop plants have been chopped down to combat blight maybe,
I'll lift the tubers in a while, they call them Desiree.

My grapes are in abundance, growing quickly round my shed,
But due to lack of earlier sun,  I don't think they'll turn red, (the green ones anyway)
Giant Pumpkins, five or six, are growing out of hand,
I'd better pinch them out quite soon or run right out of land.

Throughout this year, despite the rain, not many slugs I've spied,
I thought it strange they weren't about and wondered where they'd hide,
While digging in my legume bed, the answer came to light,
Just above the sub-soil layer in gangs of nine or ten, they hid, and not a pretty sight,
I dug them up, with my fork and placed them on hard ground,
Then my boot came down on them, now they're not alive,
I really must try harder, losing count at ninety five.

The Sweet corns standing nice and tall and looking darkish green,
Flowers grace my Cucumbers growing in between,
The Oca plants look healthy now and one or two have bloomed,
I wonder if the tubers are growing in the gloom.

The humble Lettuce stood the tests of wind and rain and flood,
I've sown some more again this week the last crop tasted good.

More Currants for the Freezer


Caterpillar Digging
Caterpillar Digging


2's Company


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