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Thursdays Top 10 Tryouts (Or Show Us Yer Tips 26)!!

1.  2 good varieties of Cabbage for Autumn sowing are Kilaton and Wheelers Imperial.

2.  Save your 1 and 2 Liter plastic ice cream cartons, they are ideal for using to pack your frozen vegetables into and they stack well in most freezers. Saves money buying containers too.

3.  Ensure that all parts of your Potato plants are burnt or bagged and disposed of, if they have any traces of blight on them. Don't be tempted to compost them or dig/rotavate them back into the ground.

4.  Gooseberry bushes are easy to propagate. From about July onwards, lay one of the lower branches along the ground and peg it down. Cover the branch with soil, leaving the tip uncovered. When the branch has rooted, (test by pulling it gently), it can be lifted, with as much soil attached as possible, potted and severed from the main (parent) plant.

5.  Cabbage White fly  (Aleyrodes proletella), is a well known pest in southern England, affecting brassicas. It can be combated by using Pyrethrums and natural fatty acids.

6.  Harvesting Shallots takes basically 2 forms. If you are harvesting their tops this can be done after about 30 days of top growth. The bulbs take approximately 90 days to develop. Pick the bulbs when the green of the plant has died back, usually mid to late Summer.

7.  Controlling rats/mice using methods other than poisons can be done by sonic control. Sonic repellers emit ultrasonic waves, which disturb the mice/rats. The repellers are safe for other wildlife and humans. Check the repellers specifications before purchasing.

8.  Use Tomato feed for plants that produce fruit, or use it on flowers as it usually contains high amounts of Potassium.

9.  Most hosepipe bans (in the UK) have been lifted now. If you have a pond containing fish you can still use a hose to top up ponds when bans are in force.

10.  Runner and French beans should be in abundance at the moment. Pick them whilst they are young and tender on a regular basis to ensure development of further beans.


  1. I have just planted out my spring cabbage - hoping they withstand attacks from all pests which are in abundance at the moment. Wheelers Imperial is the one I choose every year - very reliable.


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