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Weeds Bees and Harvesting

1st Cucumber
1st of the Cucumbers

Tomato Devil
This Little Devil Was My 1st Tomato To Ripen
 Since my post of  6 days ago, when I was demoralised by yet more rain, the weather has come good with oodles of sunshine every day, enabling me to spend far too much time down the plot, if that's possible. I've harvested more main crop Potatoes, 4 more picks of Runner beans, Parsnips of various sizes, some of them almost large enough to use as baseball bats, numerous heads of Lettuce to make several salads this week, Climbing French Beans, Carrots, Autumn Raspberries, my first ridge Cucumber and the last of the White currants. In fact I have been so busy harvesting and preparing fruit & veg, for meals and the freezer, I didn't find the time to weigh the produce this time.  Oh and my 1 and only Plum was picked this afternoon, but was inedible due to being attacked by an unknown insect. I ruled out Foxes, Deer, Badgers, Rabbits and Moles due to their lack of tree climbing abilities and the possibility that they don't like Plums anyway.
Early Parsnips
 After the wet weather of last week and earlier, some areas of my plots had become festooned with weeds, so in between harvesting and dealing with Strawberry runners, potting up cuttings and sunbathing, out came the hoe, hand forks and various containers and weeding commenced, last Thursday.  By 3 p.m. this afternoon the majority of weeds had been removed and consigned to the compost heap. My main Strawberry bed needs about 50% of the 3 year old plants removing, replacing them with new plants. Hopefully I will achieve this goal by the end of the coming week, on completion of the remainder of the weeding.

Weeding Half Done
Halfway Through The Weeding (1 Bed)

The Plot Alongside My 2nd Plot
The Plot Alongside My 2nd Plot
Many more varieties of insects are now apparent down the plot and its nice to see a huge amount of Honey bees returning, (I've just counted 21 on one of my plants in the back garden), quite a few more than in the last couple of years and in particular on and around the Runner bean flowers and Atlantic Giant Pumpkin flowers. I have also noticed lots of Butterflies in attendance this week, as well as Hover flies, again more than in, previous, recent Summers.
Honey Bees
Honey Bees Inside One Of My Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Flowers

Honey Bees
More Honey Bees
Hover Fly
Hover Fly
 Most of the veg on my plots is Developing well now, a far cry from a couple of months ago, with the exception of the French Climbing beans which are still slow in setting their beans. My Cauliflowers are disappointing again this year, with the heads "blowing" as soon as they have developed. My Tomatoes are looking in good condition with the first few ripening this week. Two benefits of the unusual  weather this year have been, the lack of watering to be done and the fact that I haven't had to use any chemical or none chemical sprays, except once earlier in the year, (soap spray) to combat Flea beetles.

Hopefully the fine weather will hold up this coming week. I might even get some more seed sowing done, which will be a bonus. Think I might try planting some spuds for Christmas?? That's spuds not puds.

There's always tomorrow.


  1. Hurrah for fine weather - at least you sound a bit more upbeat this week - you sounded positively suicidal last week (ha ha)!. It's great to be able to spend lots of time on the plot trying to get some semblance of order back isn't it. I have no plums this year either which is a bit of a bummer - perhaps the trees deserve a rest every now and then.


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