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Rooko's October Top 10 Tryouts And Tips!!

1. October is usually the best time to prune Climbing Roses cutting away any dead wood at the same time.

2. Sowing any/some of the following for overwintering in milder climates can be done in October. (Broadbeans, Round seeded Peas, Carrots, Winter greens, Onions). Some cloche protection may be required. Planting of Spring flowering bulbs can also be done in October.

3. Planting fruit trees/bushes should be done at this time of the year. Add plenty of organic material to the planting area prior to planting.

4. If you are harvesting your Cabbages for storage, check them for slugs hiding in the leaves. Rinsing the Cabbages with salt water should remove any slugs but ensure the Cabbages are dry before storing them in a cool place.

5. Rhubarb can be lifted and divided in October keeping root damage down to a minimum.

6. Remove yellowing/diseased leaves from Brussels Sprouts and check the heads of the plants for any caterpillars lurking within the younger leaves.

7. Have your Beans stopp…

Wintery Autumn

Cold wet and drab weather today is keeping me indoors with the morning spent preparing more veg for the freezer, (Runner beans, French and Borlotties), which were harvested yesterday as I enjoyed a few hours of warm sunshine down the plot.
  Over the past couple of weeks "bus mans holiday" I have been occupied doing some decorating indoors and more garden maintenance. Despite these distractions and the colder weather I have still manged to get a few more Autumn jobs done down the plot. The area used for growing Potatoes on my second plot this year has been sown with Mustard seed with 1 other bed being forked over. This bed will be covered with black plastic sheeting, (hopefully this week) and left fallow until the Spring. Most of my greenhouse Tomatoes have been harvested now, with the outdoor ones still ripening slowly.

 On my main plot the over wintering Onions have germinated well, as have the Spring Cabbages. These were the out of date seeds which I mentioned in my las…

Thursdays Top 10 Tryouts (Or Show Us Yer Tips 28)!!

Firstly my apologies to all my regular readers for the lateness of this post today. As you know my top 10 tips have been a weekly occurrence for the last 6 months. Unfortunately due to recent events on my "home front" I will now be posting the tips on a monthly basis, on the first day of each month, starting from October 2012. Thanks for looking in
Best wishes Rooko.

The Piece De Resistance

Today my evening meal is special. This years trials and tribulations down the plot will be forgotten as I savour my first delicious mouthful of SWEETCORN, which I picked an hour ago. Picking the first 2 ripe cobs this afternoon made the long sunshine less rest of the year fade into insignificance. I had checked several cobs last week to see if they had ripened, no luck on that occasion. Maybe the fact that the cobs had old tights fastened round them, to deter earwigs, which seem to like my Sweetcorn every year, had something to do with them not developing 100%? Sweetcorn should have a full post just dedicated solely to it, but I'm far too busy at the moment, so I'll crack on with an update on what's happening down the plot lately.
 A couple of weeks ago I was replacing my Strawberry plants on my main plot. That job took a little longer than expected, but is now completed, with 78 new 1st year runners planted out and the 3 year old plants removed. All the new plants have …