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Rooko's November Top 10 Tryouts & Tips!!

1. Don't forget the yearly ritual of checking over bonfires, before they are lit, to ensure any wildlife is not hibernating inside them.

2. Although the weather is wet cold and dreary over most of the UK, if you can collect fallen leaves from trees and shrubs, it will make good leaf mould for later use in the garden or down the plot.

3. Probably your last chance to plant the following in November. Garlic, Broad beans, Overwintering Peas, Overwintering Onion and Shallot sets. Try the following in a frost free greenhouse or under protection. Winter Lettuce, Endive, Pak-Choi, Spinach.

4. Save those long plastic containers discarded from curtain poles or window blinds. Cut away one side of the container and use them for light weight cloches to cover seeds/seedlings.

5. If you have a fish pond in your garden which may become frozen during the Winter, put a tennis ball, or 2, into the water to prevent it completely freezing over. Keep any water movement going during the Winter months.

Still Digging (Part 2)

Meticulously the removal of the myriad of Dandelions continues on the center bed of my new plot. Monday and Tuesday of last week were wet and rainy so the war against the weeds was delayed yet again. Wednesday was sunny but cold along with Thursday. A fresh wind was drying out the soil by Thursday afternoon, helping the soil to break up more quickly as I continued digging. The rain returned on Friday, making the soil too wet to do much digging on Saturday morning which I spent moving the remaining items of my gardening equipment from my old 2nd plot to the new one. On completion of this some time was spent tidying up the shed on my new plot, installing various hooks and a potting bench in one corner of the shed. I have now officially handed back my old 2nd plot to our site representative. I understand that the plot will be split into 2 halves for letting out to the next 2 tenants.  One of the main complaints I've heard, in the past,  from new tenants is about the untidy condition…

Still Digging

First of all many thanks to everyone who has looked in on my blog in the past week. Not enough hours in each day over the past week, but I've been busy waging war against the Dandelions growing in my central bed on my new plot. This bed is the largest in area, equivalent to approximately a half plot in its own right. Up until Friday the clay soil was still wet and sticky, which meant that every fork full of soil turned had to be picked up by hand to remove hoards of Dandelions, roots and all. Generally the weather has been quite pleasant with a few sunny spells. Saturday and Sunday was breezy and reasonably warm and the soil was beginning to dry out as I continued digging the bed and removing weeds and any large stones I came across. The drying soil was breaking up better than earlier in the week which made the digging easier, good news, especially after putting in about 6 hours digging per day since last Monday. 

Not much else of interest (if digging can be considered interesti…

I Must Be Out Of My Tree

A good productive 5 days, during the past week, down the plot, has seen a few changes to things, apart from the persistent rain, hail and heavy showers that is. Monday and Tuesday of last week were none starters due to more rain. I got down to the plot on Wednesday to find out that the plot next to my main plot had become vacant, after the previous tenants Cecil and Mandy had given it up. A shame really as we got along fine together whilst working on our plots. I had been waiting to swop my 2nd plot for this one, which Cecil and I had agreed to some time ago. The plot had become overgrown this year and I think the bad weather had caused Cecil and Mandy to give up on it, which has been the case  for quite a few other plot holders, this year, too. My first job on Wednesday was to start digging over the first of the vegetable beds, removing weeds, grass and in particular the first batches of  Dandelion and Buttercup plants, which were infesting most of the plot. Rotavating was out of th…

A Sunny 25 Degrees Celsius Again

It was early morning when I arrived at the plot but the glorious sunshine was already taking the temperature upwards to 25 degrees C. Yet another fine day. My first job was marking out 4 drills in the warm dry soil and sowing some more Parsnip seeds. After covering the seeds with soil they were watered in, even though the seed had been soaking overnight. It was the rattling of the rain drops on my bedroom window that broke my dream filled sleep, no plot today again, too bloody wet once more.

Having just spent a couple of hours reading through ALL of the blogs that I follow, both on my profile list and blogs I follow list (they are all gardening/allotment blogs or related topic blogs), it was nice to see that only a few were not up to date. It was interesting to see the diverse topics and view many wonderful pictures and photographs, my favourites being various forms of wildlife we have here in UK. Although each blog was unique in its own right the goals were the same, to produce goo…

Plot or Not

Well just as I was thinking the gardening year was slowing down, a week like the last one comes along and reminds me how lucky I am to be able to get away from it all down the plot. No such luck, since the beginning of last week. A running battle on the phone with the "tax man" alias tax man prat, took up most of my time last week. Then my car went in for its M.O.T. on Wednesday only arriving back this afternoon after more delays than Abu Hamzas extradition. At least I managed more decorating.

 The weather locally has improved slightly from just over a week ago, with a slight rise in day and night time temperatures and sunny spells during the days. A few rain showers, mainly overnight, have given the Runner beans on my second plot a new lease of life, with some excellent specimens harvested on Saturday. Even a few more Strawberries are developing again. The Mustard which was sown earlier has germinated helped by the rain showers. As Mustard grows faster than most weeds it s…