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Still Digging

First of all many thanks to everyone who has looked in on my blog in the past week. Not enough hours in each day over the past week, but I've been busy waging war against the Dandelions growing in my central bed on my new plot. This bed is the largest in area, equivalent to approximately a half plot in its own right. Up until Friday the clay soil was still wet and sticky, which meant that every fork full of soil turned had to be picked up by hand to remove hoards of Dandelions, roots and all. Generally the weather has been quite pleasant with a few sunny spells. Saturday and Sunday was breezy and reasonably warm and the soil was beginning to dry out as I continued digging the bed and removing weeds and any large stones I came across. The drying soil was breaking up better than earlier in the week which made the digging easier, good news, especially after putting in about 6 hours digging per day since last Monday. 

Not much else of interest (if digging can be considered interesting). I have harvested 2 lots of Runner beans several Lettuces, Cucumbers and the last of my Sweetcorn during the past week. I also harvested the first of my Leeks on Saturday which made a superb Leek and Potato soup for the weekend.

The annoying drizzly Autumn rain returned today so the Dandelion war was called off in favour of some D.I.Y.

My apologies for the lack of content and photographs within this post, hopefully the next post will be more interesting.

For all of you who have gardening jobs to do and haven't got round to it yet the following is just for you.

A round Tuit
             This is a Round Tuit Just for You


  1. Six hours digging a day - are you mad! It has been far too wet and drippy to do anything in the garden - I am practically hibernating at the moment.

  2. Hi Elaine, If its not actually raining, most of the time I start work down the plot about 9 or 10 am until 5 or 6 pm. I need to get this new plot into shape before the beginning of December due to the possibility of having my hip re-done, because of the heavy metal poisoning. I will be out of action for a while, after that, hence the frantic effort to get the digging done. Too wet yesterday and Monday to visit the plot though.

  3. Well done with all that digging! Amazing to hear what you're still harvesting.

    1. Thanks Belinda, no digging Monday & Tuesday due to rain, Wednesday & Thursday was dry and today, so got more digging in. The digging isn't too bad, removing the Dandelion roots by hand is the real nuisance. Harvested my first Brussels today, along with the last punnet of Raspberries and 3 small Cucumbers.


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