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Rooko's December Top 10 Tryouts & Tips!!

1. Most Brassica require the presence of Boron in the soil for their healthy growth. Boron deficiency occurs more quickly in dry light, sandy soils and leaches out of soils fairly easily. Some of the ways that Boron aids plant development are in pollination, moving sugars within the plants and fixing nitrogen. A high concentration of organic matter in the soil where Brassicas are being grown will help to retain Boron. If you are having difficulty with your Cauliflower curds not developing or going brown, Boron deficiency could be the cause. Turnips and Swedes also react badly to Boron deficiency.

2. If you are one of those kind people who feed wild birds during the Winter, ensure that they also have a supply of drinking water and that it does not freeze over.

3. Try the following method to keep Wood Pigeons off your vegetables. Place canes/sticks in the ground upright, spaced approximately 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20cm) apart, around the perimeter of the growing area. This method is prob…

Still Digging (Part 6)!!
Not Bl***y Likely!

Although I appreciate that many parts of the UK are again suffering from the ravages of continuous rain and high winds, we are certainly taking a hammering south and south west of Bristol. With even more flood warnings issued for Somerset tonight there's more wind and rain to come. Cornwall and Devon are badly affected too, with danger to life warnings issued by the Environment Agency, earlier this evening, for parts of Cornwall. The rain is torrential here as I write this post and the winds are expected to reach 70 mph later on tonight. Although we have received many and frequent weather updates, from our local news bulletins and weather forecasters, there seems to be a distinct lack of so called experts to tell us WHY we are being subjected to such dramatic weather conditions. I expect if and when the rain finally stops, the usual comment will be "we have lessons to learn".

What's your opinion about the recent deluges? Is it just another "typical British Win…

Ceasefire (But Still Digging Part 5)!!

The battle against the Dandelions on the central bed of my new plot was put on hold last week, mainly due to 2 factors. The first being misty damp weather making the soil just a bit too sticky to work with, using a garden fork or spade. The second reason was that my main plot was being neglected in favour of the new plot, over the last four weeks. Having "Hamassed" approximately 140 hours digging over the new plot recently I decided it "Israelly" time to finish preparing my main plot for next year, before the Winter weather takes a turn for the worse, so a standoff was implemented and the ground forces moved to the main plot.

 Last Tuesday was spent digging over this years roots bed, removing 2 part rows of unusable carrots and a few annual weeds. The soil over most of my main plot is far more "workable" than that of my new plot, despite the overnight foggy and misty weather of late. Having completed this bed I then cleared out my old compost bin, depos…

Pirate, Cricketer or Lion Tamer
Still Digging (Part 4)

Anyone who has compiled their own C.V. will know that 2 of the "required fields" on a C.V. are, qualifications and experiences. It's also quite a common phenomenon that when you are carrying out continual repeated tasks, such as digging, that your mind ponders over other subjects at the same time. It's been slow progress again this week down the plot, only turning over another 4 feet of ground to remove the weeds from the central bed on plot N2. As I progress down the slightly sloping ground more and more of the Dandelion roots are reaching down into the sub-soil levels. There have been 3 or 4 pleasant dry days since last Monday but with overnight and evening rain, torrential again last night, the soil has been too wet and sticky to achieve much consistent digging. This brings me back to my opening comment about C.V.'s. Having to dig down well over 2 spits to remove many of the roots embedded in the sub-soils, I was thinking about how Pirates felt when they were…

Still Digging (Not)!! (Part 3)

O.K. so the post title is still boring, well so was this past week in the main, for me anyway. With only 2 and a half days spent down the plot since the beginning of last week, thanks to the rainy weather, particularly over the weekend. At least there's been no snow in this area, as there has been in many surrounding areas with 3 inches (8cm) in some places yesterday. By mid-week the soil was still unworkable so I decided to do a little maintenance on some garden furniture which had been standing neglected on my new plot for quite some time.

  I brushed off the dirt, mould, spiders, snails and various other grime and left the 2 chairs and bench inside my shed to dry out. By Thursday afternoon the furniture was dry and after a couple of hours cleaning and rubbing the wood down it was ready to be treated with waterproof wood preserver (dark mahogany in colour). The finished articles now looks almost as good as new, hopefully the preservative will do what it says on the tin.   I man…