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Busy Doing Nothing

As most of my regular readers will know, My blog posts recently have been, one per week generally speaking, (or rather typing). The 2 main reasons for this have been the continuing naff Winter weather and also, when I've been lucky enough to get down to my plots during a break in the weather, the scenario has been much the same, that of clearing N2 Plot, for this seasons sowing and planting.

This week has been yet another none event due to snow covered allotments. I made 1 visit to my plots a couple of days ago, but only because one of my buddies wanted to borrow my wheelbarrow for removing turf from his garden. The snow has almost disappeared here now, after overnight rain, but within the last half hour more is coming down mingled with rain. Now that the snow has melted it is evident that the ground is still waterlogged and any further "gardening" will be on hold for some time, I fear. From my point of view that may be good news as I will be in hospital at least thi…

Merry Christmas???

Still Digging (Part 9)!! More Delays and Stones

Okay so I realize that it's almost the middle of January and Winter weather is to be expected across the UK but just how much more rain is the ground expected to put up with into this year. The various weather forecasts seem to conflict from day to day and even the weather itself is fluctuating regularly. As an example of this, when I left my plots for home yesterday at about 1530 the weather was dry and cold with the temperature dropping enough to make my feet extremely cold despite the fact I was wearing 2 pairs of thick woolen socks. By 2000 the temperature had actually risen several degrees and remains at about +5 degrees with rain at the moment. Although I appreciate the very nice gardening related presents I received for Christmas, no-one decided to buy me a weather related crystal ball to help me in planning this years sowing/planting agenda. If anyone is planning a Summer holiday in the West Country this year my advice is to pack an umbrella and waders, forget the Bermu…

Still Digging (Part 8)!! Dandelions 0 Me 1 More!!

At the beginning of last week patience had to be a virtue. Two consecutive days (Monday and Tuesday) without rain as I waited for the soil on my plots to dry out enough to resume the battle against the Dandelions on Plot N2. Finally on Wednesday the soil was just workable and mid morning I commenced clearing the fourth small bed on N2. The soil on the main central bed was still too wet to deal with. Although the soil was still fairly sticky, this gave me an advantage over the roots breaking into bits, as each fork full of soil was lifted. The soil stayed bonded together with moisture as I turned each lump over. I then teased out the roots from their bases upwards removing any soil still sticking to the roots, by hand. Quite a few smaller roots pulled away from the moist soil easily without breaking. By late afternoon I had progressed back along about 50% of the bed.

 I was back down the plot on Thursday morning but decided to clear the drainage ditch of decaying vegetation and debr…

Free Seed Vouchers

Just a quick post which I thought might be useful to my readers. are currently sending out free seed vouchers to the value of £10 if you link to them from your blog or website.
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