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Rooko's March Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. As the cold weather continues into March any seeds being sown outdoors will probably need protecting with cloches or fleece for the time being. When sowing seeds into dry ground or compost in pots or trays it is worth dampening the soil/compost before sowing to stop seeds being easily washed away.

2. If you are still tidying up weedy or overgrown areas of your plot or garden remember some wild plants we class as weeds will attract early bees to them. Bees also need to drink so spare a little water in your garden for them.

3. When the warm weather does finally arrive so will the army of aphids and other pests so now might be a good time to prepare your concoctions to combat them, (hopefully organically). The following plants should also deter aphids. Anise, Chives, Coriander, Garlic, Leeks, Petunias, Onions, Radish.

4. Parsnips can usually be sown between February and May. They don't normally like cold wet ground to germinate, so warming the soil prior to sowing will help germi…

Hello I'm Back

Many thanks to everyone who sent me their best wishes for my hip operation on Friday January 25th. I managed to escape from hospital on the following Tuesday and I am currently at home recovering (I can't spell convalescing). One of the more pleasant things about being in hospital was the fact that several of my visitors brought gardening magazines with them, for me to read. Most of the magazines contained free packets of seeds. This was a fine bonus and now I only need to purchase some Sweetcorn seeds to complete this years wants list. One amusing thing that I noticed whilst reading the January/February editions of the magazines, was that most of the people in the photographs were gardening, outdoors, wearing Summer clothes and working in glorious sunshine, as if.

One of my friends went down to check out the condition of my plots last week and said that the ground conditions were still too wet to achieve any positive work on them. I finally managed a visit to the plots myself la…

Rooko's February Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. I've put this tip at No1 because I think this year is going to be a real battle against slugs & snails here in UK. Keep a container of salt at hand when you are out in the garden or down the plot. Cooking salt is probably better than table salt. Carry a salt shaker in your pocket and sprinkle any slugs/snails you see with the salt.

2. Although the weather in my area is still very wet it is also very mild. Some seeds that can be planted directly outside this month are: Broad beans, (Peas under cloches beware of very wet ground and vermin), Lettuce and other salad crops (under polythene cloches), Carrots, Chicory, Radishes, Spring onions & Beetroot can all be sown under cloches. Raspberry canes, Blackberries, Strawberry plants & Rhubarb crowns can be planted outside now, unless the ground is frozen or waterlogged.

3. Shallot sets can be planted this month (not into waterlogged soil). The planting area should have been manured/composted in the Autumn. Rake over the pl…