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Out In The Cold

Nothing much happening down my plots this week except for Dandelion clearing so I've just posted this information on seed vouchers from They currently have 3 ways of obtaining vouchers.
1. Seed review. 2. Start your own blog. 3. Linking to them.
This is the link to their site for more details.     CLICK HERE


Nothing doing down the plots this week. No snow.
Just Raine DOFF
And Hacke DOFF

Seed Potatoes
Just a Chance

This post is mainly for my UK readers. If you need some more seed Potatoes check out your local B & Q. I've just got back from my local B & Q where they are selling seed Potatoes (discounted) for £1.50p per bag. There were around 25 good sized Potatoes per bag and I only discarded 6 which were in bad condition from 4 x 1.75kg bags. King Edwards, Desiree and a couple of more varieties were available.

Happy Shopping!!

Still Digging (Part 10)!!
Muscle Strengthening

The past weeks weather has been changeable almost hourly here, with a good mix of rain, hail, sleet, high winds, overnight heavy frosts, sub zero temperatures and sunshine with temperatures up to 12 degrees C. In fact good old British gardening weather. It wasn't until Wednesday last, that I achieved anything constructive down my plots.
  Having decided that my hip was strong enough to do some digging I resumed the battle against the Dandelions on the central bed of N2 Plot. About a quarter of the bed still needs to be cleared of Dandelions but most other weeds have been held in check by this years cold and frosty conditions. Wednesday morning was damp but sunny and I managed a few hours digging during the afternoon, clearing back another foot or so of the bed. Another half days digging on Thursday, before the rain showers set in at about 1530, saw another foot of the bed cleared of Dandelions.

 After some overnight rain on Thursday I left the next visit to the plot until Friday …

Up And Running At Last
(Well Limping About Really)

The weather was murky first thing this morning but I decided to drive down to the plots and finally start some serious work, for the first time since my hip op. I loaded up the car with some netting, cloches, 2 kg of oatmeal, various packets of seeds, oodles of cardboard and some kitchen waste and set off at about 10 a.m. The first task was to level off the soil on 2 of the beds on N2 plot, which had been dug and cleared of weeds last year during the Dandelion wars. The soil was damp and sticky if walked on but I was able to rake and level both beds from the adjacent paths, without too much effort. Two days of not heavy, but persistent rain on Thursday and Friday last, hadn't caused too much of a problem with only the lower lying areas of the plots, which are shaded by trees, being wet underfoot. By the time I had finished leveling the 2 beds off, a little sunshine was sneaking through the thick cloud and drying out the surface soil, slightly. The Senshyu Onions which were overwin…