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Nothing doing down the plots this week. No snow.

Just Raine DOFF

And Hacke DOFF


  1. Stoopid weather! We really don't want a year like 2012! We had snow, which melted by the afternoon and was followed by a freezing wind. Bleah :-{

    1. It certainly is stoopid weather, no snow here at the moment, the rain was back mid week and now its extremely cold with a biting wind. The ground is waterlogged again and the last time I did some digging, another 7 leeches were unearthed, some of them over a spit down, just shows how wet the soil is.

  2. We had a lot of snow yesterday, so I'm still not able to do any sowing. I did plant some spuds though, in containers which I can protect. Currently wishing I had a polytunnel!

    1. Hi Mark, this weather is a real pain. I don't know whats worse, rain, snow or the cold. My plots are too wet to sow or plant anything. My polytunnel is still boxed up in the garage. I never thought I would buy one. I prefer the traditional outside methods but if this climate change makes things worse we will have to adapt to it. Just orders some heaters and paraffin as well. Is the extra expense going to be worth it?? Just read an interesting hint from the pro gardeners. Seed Potatoes should be sown/planted, when there has been 3 or 4 consecutive days when the soil is 6 degrees at 4 inches depth.


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