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Rooko's June Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. If you are growing Potatoes don't forget to earth them up and don't allow any developing tubers to come in contact with sunlight. On the subject of earthing up, Carrots will also benefit from being earthed up as a protection from the dreaded Carrot fly.

2. Keep your hoe moving in and around your vegetables and other plants, attack those weeds whilst they are small and easier to deal with. Don't wait until they have spread their seeds.

3. If you are watering small seedlings or young plants, keep 1 or 2 full watering cans somewhere warm overnight so that the water remains a few degrees higher than it would be straight from the tap or water butt. This is to prevent shock to the plants when watering them.

4. When growing Cucumbers keep them away from Tomatoes and Sage. They may benefit from being grown near, Carrots, Beet, Dill, Marigolds, Nasturtians, Peas, Radish and Sunflowers.

5. Planting Egg plants, Tagetes and Calendula will attract Hover flies into your garden or pl…

Flaming June Nearly

Reading through many allotment and gardening blogs during May, it appears that most gardeners have been busy sowing planting and doing the various gardening jobs associated with this time of the year, despite the vast local differences in weather conditions from one end of the U.K. to the other. The end of May Bank Holiday here, consisted of 3 days of glorious sunshine, ideal weather for gardening and the first real sunny spell of the year. As I spent 2 and a half days since last Friday visiting family in Hampshire I missed the sunshine here in Somerset. Arriving back on Sunday evening the sun was still shining and I ventured down to my plots to check on things. The temperature in the poly tunnel was just short of 40 degrees C and most of the plants in there needed watering. Since the beginning of last month I have emptied 2 and a half large water butts and the large water tank I keep on N1 Plot, with the water being mainly used to "water in" seeds and refresh a variety of …

Eureka And Cut

Some time ago I began to use photographs, taken on my allotments, to keep a record of my gardening activities, as you know us wrinklies tend to have temporary memory glitches at times. As with most technological items, cameras are fine when they work correctly. In this age of high tech devices, when some stat or other is incorrect, have you heard the term "sorry but it was a computer error". Well I thought the input came from the computer operator in the first place, maybe not? Which brings me to the video in this post. Having had my camera some years now, after some "finger trouble" I finally managed to make 2 videos, one yesterday, lets call that one a test piece for want of a better description. Today's effort was slightly better quality, despite the rain, so I decided to publish it. I haven't a clue if there is any audio to go with but I hope my readers get the general idea of what is happening or not happening.


Updated Plan N2 Plot 2013


Another week of sunny dry weather has seen me alternating work between my allotments and re-designing my front garden. With the turf removed from my garden and transported in my car to N2 plot (about 40 trips) over a week ago, I have continued to remove the top soil, spreading it around the flower borders of my back garden. The borders are now "well soiled up" and today I began transporting bags of top soil to N2 plot, adding it to the last uncultivated bed, to be dug in at a later date. In between the work on my front garden, several pleasant days have been spent sowing more seeds into pots and also directly into the beds of N2 Plot. Due to the recent dry weather several evenings have been spent watering the emerging seedlings on both plots and in particular the pots and trays in my poly tunnel. Temperatures in the tunnel reached 30 degrees C today with the air vents open. Most of the ground inside the tunnel has not been prepared or weeded yet, although yesterday I spent …