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Another week of sunny dry weather has seen me alternating work between my allotments and re-designing my front garden. With the turf removed from my garden and transported in my car to N2 plot (about 40 trips) over a week ago, I have continued to remove the top soil, spreading it around the flower borders of my back garden. The borders are now "well soiled up" and today I began transporting bags of top soil to N2 plot, adding it to the last uncultivated bed, to be dug in at a later date. In between the work on my front garden, several pleasant days have been spent sowing more seeds into pots and also directly into the beds of N2 Plot. Due to the recent dry weather several evenings have been spent watering the emerging seedlings on both plots and in particular the pots and trays in my poly tunnel. Temperatures in the tunnel reached 30 degrees C today with the air vents open. Most of the ground inside the tunnel has not been prepared or weeded yet, although yesterday I spent an hour or so clearing and digging over a few more feet of it.

Turf Stacked
Turf From Front Garden Stacked In Compost Bin On N2 Plot

Top Soil Transfer
First Batch Of Top Soil From Garden To N2 Plot 5/May/2013

Potato Plants Emerging
Potatoes Showing Through N2 Plot Main Bed

Hurst Greenshaft Peas
Peas N1 Plot 5/May/13 (Hurst Greenshaft)

Yard Long Beans
Yard Long Beans Planted Into Poly Tunnel (From Seed in Pots)

Still Organizing the Poly Tunnel 5/May/13
Still Organizing the Poly Tunnel (5/May/13)

Runner Beans
Runner Beans in Poly Tunnel (5/May/13)

There's Always Tomorrow!!


  1. Your plots look immaculate Rooko - you must be fit as a fiddle to keep that lot going - they make my plot look tiddley in comparison.

    1. Hi Elaine, It's been hard graft for the last few weeks, but once its tidy I can generally keep up with it. Bad weather is the only thing that slows down progress.

  2. I love the disiplined orderliness of your rows of spuds! It really appeals to the ex-Army man in me... And of course the car behind the pile of turf looks to me as if it is sheltering in a bunker! In my Army days I would have loved to have had you in my platoon - you would undoubtedly have dug the neatest and deepest trenches in the entire unit! :)

    1. I like to try and keep things organized as I think it saves time and effort in the long run. Digging trenches for my Runner beans is about to commence soon. Must be my ex-R.N. (F.A.A.) training.

  3. We have a similar system - some days in the garden and others on the plot and the decorating can wait!

    1. I prefer the plot & garden to decorating any day.


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