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Flaming June Nearly

Reading through many allotment and gardening blogs during May, it appears that most gardeners have been busy sowing planting and doing the various gardening jobs associated with this time of the year, despite the vast local differences in weather conditions from one end of the U.K. to the other. The end of May Bank Holiday here, consisted of 3 days of glorious sunshine, ideal weather for gardening and the first real sunny spell of the year. As I spent 2 and a half days since last Friday visiting family in Hampshire I missed the sunshine here in Somerset. Arriving back on Sunday evening the sun was still shining and I ventured down to my plots to check on things. The temperature in the poly tunnel was just short of 40 degrees C and most of the plants in there needed watering. Since the beginning of last month I have emptied 2 and a half large water butts and the large water tank I keep on N1 Plot, with the water being mainly used to "water in" seeds and refresh a variety of seedlings. Not enough rain has fallen to re-fill the butts and tank as yet and many areas of ground on the plots are currently drying out rapidly. Although all my vegetable seeds sown outside have now germinated, (with the exception of the Parsnips), I am still keeping Cucumbers, French climbing beans, Pumpkins and some squashes protected inside my poly tunnel, with Sweetcorn and Runner bean plants as back ups against any early JUNE frosts?? Last night the air temperatures dropped yet again with a mild frost still in evidence at 5-30 a.m. this morning.

I was privileged to have a Lesser spotted woodpecker visit my back garden early this morning, he landed for a very few seconds before flying off again. I've heard Woodpeckers tapping away on trees some distance from my house for quite a few years now, but this was the first time one has landed in my garden. My resident Blackbird "Chalky" and his mate are currently nesting in the Clematis on my patio again, this year, having chased away the pair of Robins which were nesting there earlier in the year. A pair of Goldfinches have set up home in the bushes growing alongside my back fence, so the garden is quite busy with bird activity at the moment  Sorry no photographs as yet, because I don't want to disturb the nesting birds.

Californian Lilac
Californian Lilac Flowering in My Back Garden These are Excellent Plants for Attracting Bees

 I am still continuing the re-designing work on my front garden, spending many hours, last week, bagging up and transporting more top-soil down to my plots. I decided that tipping the topsoil along my Potato ranks was an easier way to earth them up than hoeing/raking the original dry soil up into ridges around the spuds. Many of the annual weeds growing in the Potato bed were pulled up and then buried under the soil as I went along each rank. I found this method easier than the usual methods of earthing up. Hopefully the buried weeds will produce some extra nutrients for the Potatoes as they develop.

Front Garden Project
Topsoil Dug Out Front of House

Topsoil Removal
Topsoil Being Removed to My Allotments

Stones Rubble & Hardcore
Stones, Hardcore & Rubble Removed from the Topsoil

Well I started writing this post last night mentioning the lack of rain here for some time. Since the mention it's been raining steadily for most of the time. I visited my plots late this morning and the first job was to deposit more top-soil onto the Potato bed. I then planted out 2 Butternut Squashes into the lower corner of the L-shaped bed on N1 Plot, sowed half a dozen Watermelon seeds into a large pot, hopefully they will eventually germinate and grow, protected in the poly tunnel. One of the small beds on N2 Plot was hoed and weeded, using a walking board to stand on, due to the damp soil, after which I dispatched a handful of slugs to their afterlife, I then re-shot the allotment tour video (Take 7) which is currently uploading to YouTube. As the rain was now getting heavier and yet again the temperature becoming colder, I called it a day and left for home.

Allotment Tour Video ABOVE Replacing the Last Effort

There's Always Tomorrow!!


  1. You've plenty of strawberries planted there ours are just starting to flower too but our summer raspberries hardly look to be doing anything!

    WE still have to plant out tender stuff like beans and corn.

    1. The Strawberry plants have developed well over the past couple of weeks. My Raspberries are not as well developed as this time last year and like you I'm still keeping some plants protected before planting them out.

  2. Enjoyed the tour Rooko didn't feel dizzy with this one - I think you've cracked it. Everything looking good.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour Elaine and glad this one didn't make you feel dizzy. I couldn't resist saying "whiz" in the commentary, I think it has to be my word of the month. Anyway glad you pointed out the flaws in the original video.

  3. Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet (I'm at work so should be working!) but love the lilac photo. It's such a beautiful colour.

    1. Hi Belinda, the blue colour is very vivid, I've got a second lilac planted at the back of the garden which has white flowers, it's just starting to flower at the moment.

  4. Here in Hampshire it's practically sub-tropical you know!(NOT). We had 3 days of good sunshine over the Bank Holiday weekend, but even in the sunshine it was COLD. The night-time temperatures are ridiculous. My chillis, tomatoes and cucumbers would like it to be at least 10 degrees warmer.

    1. I was in Basingstoke over the Bank holiday weekend and noticed the distinct difference in temperature out of the sunlight. I think the colder night-time temperatures are responsible for slowing the growth of many plants. My Toms, Cucumbers and Pumpkins are still under cover in the poly tunnel but this coming weekend is supposed to improve weather wise.


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