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Should've Gone To Specsavers

Apart from 2 short posts recently its been almost 3 weeks since I've had time to sit down and reflect on happenings down my plots. The time has passed unnoticed, with a busy schedule of d.i.y., re-designing some areas of N2 Plot, harvesting and more seed sowing taking place. The main time consuming work has been harvesting currants. The hot weather up until last Tuesday has meant harvesting was best done on an evening to avoid continual standing in strong sunlight. The vast amount of currants ripening, especially Red currants has taken approximately 2 hours per evening for the last couple of weeks to harvest, with still more to pick in the coming week or so. To save myself time I have stopped weighing and recording the amount of fruit gathered. After a loud and angry thunder storm in the early hours of last Tuesday and some further rain later that morning the weather has cooled here slightly since, with more rain showers yesterday and today. Although the rainfall has only penetra…

Get The Ark Out

Yippeee!!! twenty minutes so far of steady rainfall is happening. Never thought I would be glad to see some rain at last, after just over a month of dry hot weather. Just got a mental picture of my 7 recently installed water butts filling up with rain water. Better check them for leaks later this morning, instead of going down to the beach sunbathing. I expect the climate change experts are tucked up in bed dreaming about how to re-instate the long range weather forecast.

Whizzing Around The Plots!!

Just thought I would post another video taken this afternoon. I've been busy with more maintenance around the plots and my garden so I hope the video is not too "rushed".

There's Always Tomorrow!!


Another week of extremely hot weather like most of the U.K. I've been unbelievably busy, both down the plots and domestically this week again. I've intended writing another blog post since Sunday last but again not enough hours in a day lately. One of the allotmenteers I follow on Google has had his allotment vandalized and when I saw the video of the damage done, I stopped moaning about the hot weather causing problems down my plots and decided to post the video here.

There It Was, Gone!!

Sunny and hot all week and still no sign of any rain, possibly for the next fortnight or so. The past few days have been far too hot for any manual work down the plots, such as digging or soil moving. Therefor as normal I decided to finish digging out the compost heap at the top of N2 Plot. I finally finished the task at about 4 p.m. this afternoon. About 2 tons of compost/soil mix is now stacked on top of plastic sheeting at the lower end of the plot, ready for future use. Much of the good quality compost has been added to the top surfaces of my recently built, raised beds, with the remainder barrowed and spread around the Potatoes on N2 Plot. About 50% of the Potato bed is well earthed up again. As the compost was removed it was checked over for things I would not add to a compost heap. I have 2 full dustbins of rubbish and vegetation, plus 1 barrow load of stones, plastic and metal (do they still manufacture 10 inch nails), to dispose of tomorrow. Another large container is almost…

22 - Love

Although I'm not a keen tennis fan its noticeable that Wimbledon hasn't had many mentions on the gardening blogs I've read recently. Since my last post I've been too busy to watch T.V. except for a few highlights at Wimbledon on an evening. After 2 weeks of scoffing Strawberries and ice-cream, after tea, (22 large punnets picked so far), the Wimbledon atmosphere was apparent, if not the tournament favorites. Anyway good luck to Andy Murray.

Since my last post I've visited my plots fairly regularly, although last week, yesterday and today, has been spent supplying my builder with refreshments whilst he carried out the final stage of my front garden project. During breaks from the tea, coffee and bacon butty making I have been busy paying some attention to my back garden, which has been suffering from neglect for the past year or so. The borders have been tidied, weeds removed, shrubs and trees pruned, some fencing repaired and the oodles of top soil from the front …