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22 - Love

Although I'm not a keen tennis fan its noticeable that Wimbledon hasn't had many mentions on the gardening blogs I've read recently. Since my last post I've been too busy to watch T.V. except for a few highlights at Wimbledon on an evening. After 2 weeks of scoffing Strawberries and ice-cream, after tea, (22 large punnets picked so far), the Wimbledon atmosphere was apparent, if not the tournament favorites. Anyway good luck to Andy Murray.
More Strawberries

Since my last post I've visited my plots fairly regularly, although last week, yesterday and today, has been spent supplying my builder with refreshments whilst he carried out the final stage of my front garden project. During breaks from the tea, coffee and bacon butty making I have been busy paying some attention to my back garden, which has been suffering from neglect for the past year or so. The borders have been tidied, weeds removed, shrubs and trees pruned, some fencing repaired and the oodles of top soil from the front garden project, spread evenly around the borders. The lawn has been re-edged and cut which just leaves one border to complete.

Front Garden Partially Finished (Mid-week Last Week)
 Down the plot things are growing steadily if not quickly, although some plants such as Runner beans, French beans, Kohl-rabi and Lettuce have speeded up their growth since the first reasonable amount of rain fell, last Thursday, for many weeks. Since my last post (apart from last Thursday and today) the weather has been hot dry and sunny throughout. Again watering has been required for most of the crops and the ground is still drying out quickly helped by recurring breezes. The weekend before last was to have seen me doing some more seed sowing but the whole weekend was too windy to do so. During the week I made more sowings of Lettuce Kohl-rabi and Cabbages. My Brussels sprouts were thinned out. 2 bunches of the thinnings were given away to 2 of my fellow plot holders for re-planting. 2 more water butts have had taps added to them before the next rain comes along. Construction of the final raised bed on N2 plot is underway and the last load of turf from my front garden has been re-stacked inside the framework of the final raised bed. The compost heap where the turf was rotting down on N2 Plot, (3 meters by 2 meters), is currently being cleared out, with the well rotted compost transferred to the compost heap on N1 Plot. Any unwanted vegetation or other unwanted items in the heap are being disposed of as each barrow load is sifted through. My intention when the heap is finally cleared out is to re-position my poly tunnel into the space. This will enable me to dig and clean out the final large bed, (more b****y Dandelions), on N2 Plot, where the poly tunnel is currently sited. Mental note here to re-draw the allotment plans!!

Tomatoes and Friend
Tomatoes and Friend in My Greenhouse

Between My Sheds
Between My Sheds
Sweetcorn N1 Plot
Clearing Out the Compost
Clearing Out Compost Heap N2 Plot

D.I.Y. Raised Beds
Final Raised Bed Constructed (Left of Picture)

Cucumbers and Sweetcorn
Cucumbers Between Sweetcorn N2 Plot Planted Out From Poly Tunnel
  In my last post I mentioned that my Parsnips had failed to germinate this year. After the rain last Thursday, lo and behold, the Parsnips finally decided to seek daylight. Well patience is a virtue, as they were sown on the 13th of April. Lets see if the second sowing makes an appearance after the next rain shower. Not more Parsnips!!

There's always tomorrow!!


  1. Those parsnips have certainly taken their time.

    WE have lots of similar poppies crop up all over the plot. Most are pulled out but some are left to seed again next year.

    Really don't like tennis but love strawberries.

    1. The Poppies seem to self seed in a different part of my back garden each year. Their flowers are lovely but don't last long. I love fruit in general but Strawberries come near the top of the list.

  2. The strawberries are fantastic this year - not that we've had 22 punnets though!

    The windy weather is annoying but the sunshine and showers is finally getting things moving. Better late than never :-)

    1. Glad to hear you have had some nice Strawberries. Mine are ok but most of my plants are 1st year so could be better.

  3. Your comment about the slow-germinating Parsnips amused me. I often have this problem, and usually re-sow (someties twice), only to find that the original batch does eventually show up. This year the first lot I sowed came up fairly promptly, but very patchily, so I still had to re-sow.

    1. Hi Mark, glad you had a giggle at the Parsnip comment. They are finally germinating but like yours they are patchy. I didn't sow Parsnips regularly until 2 years ago (Gladiator). Both years they germinated within about 10 days. I changed the variety this year to Tender & True. Will be going back to Gladiator in future.


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