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Whizzing Around The Plots!!

Just thought I would post another video taken this afternoon. I've been busy with more maintenance around the plots and my garden so I hope the video is not too "rushed".

Wildlife on Window
Large UFO on the Inside of My Lounge Window (Picture Taken into Direct Sunlight)

There's Always Tomorrow!!


  1. Don't the blackbirds steal the redcurrants? - if we didn't net we would have none and we have about nine large mature plants dripping with currants.

    1. Hi Sue, usually the Blackbirds go for the Red currants Gooseberries and Blueberries. Only the Blueberries have been taken this year for some strange reason. Several possibilities, I think. 1. We were a month behind with fruit & veg developing due to the bad early Spring weather. 2. I have been working almost on a daily basis, close to the hedgerows where the birds attack from so I probably scared them off. 3. I was feeding some of the Blackbirds by hand earlier this year. 4. Unfortunately there is a dead Blackbird chick underneath the fruit bushes so the others may have stayed away because of that. 5. Lately the birds in general haven't been as active during the afternoons, due to the heat I would guess.

    2. Our birds don't tend to take gooseberries but still lurk in the tayberry near to where we sit for coffee only flying out of the bush squawking when we start picking.

      Many of our garden birds aren't visiting the bird tables at the moment but they often 'disappear' a bit at this time of the year as there is more natural food around and also many are probably in the moult!

  2. Well, despite the dry conditions everything seems to be coming along nicely. I am only watering things like runner beans and courgettes as my water supply is running out rapidly - everything else will just have to fend for itself. A nice downpour would come in handy.

    1. Hi Elaine, nice to hear things are coming along well for you. Watering or should I say extremely dry clay soil has been a pain for me lately. All my water butts are empty bar 1. and I've been asked to conserve even more water down the plots!! The recent rain on Tuesday morning (thunder storm) only penetrated the soil by about an inch. More is certainly needed indicated by the lack of weeds germinating, so at least that's a plus.


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