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N1 Plot 2014

N2 Plot 2014

Beds 3 & 4 will be amalgamated into 1 single bed (as will beds 5 & 6)

Cleaning Before Winter

Another week or so of warm and mainly sunny weather has seen me continuing to clean vegetable bed 2 on N2 Plot, for several hours on a daily basis. With only 1 day with some evening and overnight rain the ground in general is dry and parched still. Number 2 bed is approximately fifty percent cleaned out of weeds roots and stones down to 1 spits depth, this being the depth of topsoil before reaching the rock hard sub-soil level.
Due to the vast amount of weed roots and "withey vine" infesting the bed I decided to start off by removing the top soil, forming a trench, then breaking down the large clumps of soil, filtering out the weeds and then moving the soil up the bed until the next trench was dug out. Similar to double digging but without the depth of topsoil.

 When time has allowed in between digging bed 2, watering and of course harvesting has been done. Sweetcorn is in abundance along with French climbing beans, Lettuce, Cucumber. Runner beans have been adequate but not…


Last Monday was a pleasant day working down my plots, bright sunny weather with a cool breeze, so I decided to start digging over the final untouched bed of N2 Plot. The ground was baked dry even after the recent light & heavy rain showers and it was difficult to drive the spade into the soils surface. After the spade had penetrated the ground a few inches the dry lumps of clay began to break down fairly easily, easier than digging the central bed of N2 over last Winter I thought. This bed too is infested with various long standing weeds, (mainly large Dandelions again), but once it is cleaned out by hand future cultivating should be rather easy over the entirety of both plots. After a couple of hours digging and weed removal, roots and all, I had progressed down the bed just over 3 feet (1 meter). I then decided to check the condition of my Runner beans which have been of below average both in condition and amount this year. I was pleasantly surprised to see the first Honey bee …

Some Gardening At Last

Since my last text post 11 days ago things have been busier than ever down the plots. Having spent a great deal of this growing season re-organising various areas of my plots, building raised beds, moving and repairing sheds, erecting then re-erecting a poly tunnel, moving tons of soil and still clearing out weed infested areas of N2 Plot, much of my sowing and planting has been a secondary consideration, to a greater extent.

 Well, most of the construction work is finished now and for the first time in a few years I am starting to feel that come next season everything will be easily organized. Blogging lately has also taken a back seat especially with my evenings spent harvesting and sowing. For the past few days I've meant to publish a post, then having read through several other blogs I saw that the subjects I was thinking of posting about were already covered by other bloggers. Having taken quite a number of photographs down the plots earlier this week, to my annoyance I had …

Rooko's August Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. If your crops are being attacked by Aphids at the moment, try the following spray. Add a good squirt of washing up liquid to 2 liters of water and then add 3 or 4 drops of vegetable oil also. Spray your plants liberally not forgetting to spray underneath their leaves. More than 1 spraying may be required but this mixture works. I used it again this year on my Runner beans.

2. Despite varying expert opinions on watering veggies in hot weather the best times to do so are early morning or evenings, both for conservation of water and plant care. If temperatures are hot during the day water droplets on leaves can magnify the suns rays causing scorching. A good soaking of plants every few days during hot dry conditions is better than little and often but don't flood the plants. Try to water around plants and avoid splashing soil/compost onto the foliage.

3. One way of conserving water is to plant water loving plants in the same area of ground together.

4. During the past few weeks i…

Noisy Rain (But Much Needed Again)