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Rooko's October Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. Now that many crops have been harvested, if your garden or allotment requires digging now is the time for some double digging. Add compost or manure as the digging progresses ready for next years crops.

2. Dig up any outdoor Tomato plants still bearing unripened fruit and hang them up indoors to ripen.

3. If frosts are forecast in your area don't forget to harvest Pumpkins/Squashes before the frost damages them.

4. October is a good time to sow Broadbeans and plant Rhubarb.

5. Think about moving your delicate glazed/ceramic pots indoors to protect them over the Winter.

6. Collect seeds and berries from plants that you want to propagate later.

7. If any of your plants are suffering from blackspot (fungal disease) do not compost their leaves, burn any affected foliage as soon as possible.

8. If  your Potatoes have suffered from blight make sure all the tubers have been lifted and disposed of. Blight can survive the Winter on live plant tissue below ground.

9.October is probably …

Back Ache!!

When I had my faulty hip replacement, replaced last January, I asked the surgeon if he could fit a hinge across the base of my back at the same time, to give me more flexibility whilst digging, weeding and carrying out general gardening jobs. Well if he did, it certainly needs oiling today. At the beginning of last week, due to the weather forecasts predicting rain and the general drop in temperatures here, I decided it was time to lift the remainder of my main crop Potatoes, from the main bed on N2 Plot, before the area got too wet and rot started to set in. I stopped the digging/cleaning work on Bed 2 and began the task of lifting the Potatoes last Tuesday. To date just over half the Potato bed has been turned over down to sub-soil level and the Potatoes lifted. Due to the months of dry weather the clay soil is rock solid, with only a few centimeters of surface top soil being loose. Most of the Potatoes have developed close to the surface, (the roots being unable to penetrate downw…

Rooko's September Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. Getting ready for the Winter, early and late Spring offerings, try sowing some of the following now and in the coming couple of months. 1. Broad beans 2. Peas (they may need protection in colder areas) 3. Garlic. 4. Onions, Spring onions and Shallots 5. Winter lettuce 6. Spinach 7. Spring cabbages.

2. Do not prune Plum trees when they are dormant over the Winter months, this can give them Silver leaf disease, which can kill them.

3. September is the time to plant many Spring flowering bulbs.

4. Money saving tip. If you have any lengths of rainwater downpipes spare (not the metal ones), cut them into pieces, (a junior hacksaw or similar makes an easy cut), approximately 3 inches (8cm) long, for use as plant collars, they are durable and long lasting.

5. I thought this link may be useful to my viewers from the U.S.A. GLENS GARDEN.

6. Cut back your tall perennials once they have stopped flowering.

7. Tidy up the Strawberry bed, removing decaying foliage. Stake down runners into pots …