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Rooko's October Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. Now that many crops have been harvested, if your garden or allotment requires digging now is the time for some double digging. Add compost or manure as the digging progresses ready for next years crops.

2. Dig up any outdoor Tomato plants still bearing unripened fruit and hang them up indoors to ripen.

3. If frosts are forecast in your area don't forget to harvest Pumpkins/Squashes before the frost damages them.

4. October is a good time to sow Broadbeans and plant Rhubarb.

5. Think about moving your delicate glazed/ceramic pots indoors to protect them over the Winter.

6. Collect seeds and berries from plants that you want to propagate later.

7. If any of your plants are suffering from blackspot (fungal disease) do not compost their leaves, burn any affected foliage as soon as possible.

8. If  your Potatoes have suffered from blight make sure all the tubers have been lifted and disposed of. Blight can survive the Winter on live plant tissue below ground.

9.October is probably a good time to add slow acting fertilizers to areas of ground planted with fruit trees and perennial plants. Mulch also releases nutrients into the soil slowly. Fallow areas of ground to be used next year will also benefit from adding slow release fertilizers to it.

1. Japanese onion sets can be planted in October.
2. Broad Beans can also be planted as well as Garlic.
3. Hardy Lettuce can still be sown.
1. Pull and store Carrots.
2.  Lift any remaining potatoes.
3. Manure empty areas of the plot as required.
4. Clear away dead/decaying foliage.
5. Tidy fruit beds removing dead leaves from Strawberries. Re-plant runners.


  1. We leave our carrots in the ground over winter covered with a fairly deep straw mulch - it works well.

    Another task is to stock up on paperback novels!

  2. Lots of useful advice there, as usual! If only....


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