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If It Moves Fasten It Down

Well it looks like I spoke too soon in my last blog post about pleasant Autumn afternoons with some good spells of sunshine breaking through, almost daily. Since then we've had plenty of rain here, mainly heavy showers but with some extremely heavy downpours, overnight. In fact last Friday when I visited my plots in the afternoon No 2 bed on N2 Plot had about 3 inches (75 mm) of standing water on the lower end of it. This took about a day and a half to drain away and its not even Winter yet. With severe weather warnings already issued for most parts of the country for tonight and tomorrow, its still not too late to check your plots and secure those loose items of equipment before it gets blown away. In my experience of "allotmenteering" I've seen many different items strewn around the allotments after high winds have caused havoc, such as: Wheelbarrows, cloches, polythene and plastic sheeting, netting, rainwater barrels and even plant pots with plants in them. Sheds…

It Ain't Half Hot Mum!!

Nine days since my last blog post and with a few exceptions the Autumn weather here has been warm with many beautifully sunny afternoons, which I have spent, preparing my plots for next season, as well as tidying and cleaning the usual gardening paraphernalia away for the onset of Winter. Although rain has been plentiful enough to re-fill most of my water butts and tanks recently, it has been raining either early on a morning or later in the day after I had left the plots for home. So much for the predicted wet weather forecasts again. (Bring back Selwin Frogget and his pine cones)??
  Both N1 & N2 Plots are almost fully prepared for next years sowing and planting. Now that the heavy digging is complete the other tasks preparing the beds have been leisurely and enjoyable for a change. The 4 main beds of N1 Plot have been turned using a garden fork. The soil being easy to manage with just enough rain lately leaving it in easily workable condition. 2 of the beds have had compost ad…

Never Again

Whats been happening down my plots since my long lost last blog post (on Sunday 8th September)?? Quite a lot really, but double digging over most of Plot N2, I thought was too boring to create a post about. Most other things down the plots recently, apart from harvesting, have been neglected in favour of the digging, so I have some catching up to do before the onset of Winter. The compacted and parched soil where my main crop Potatoes were growing was re-dug down to the grey clay and broken down by spade which took me approximately 5 weeks to complete. (Better than the 5 months it took over last Winter). Then I returned to the task of clearing bed number 2 which was infested with mainly Dandelions, Docks, Clover and Creeping Buttercups along with many annual weeds. N2 Plot was the penultimate plot to be created in 2009 from old meadow/farm land which had been untended for 30 or so years before then. Needless to say double digging would have been easier to do, using a J.C.B. rather th…