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Happy New Year


Down At Christmas

With power lines, trees, fences, roofs and goodness knows what else, brought down with this weeks storms it was time to go down the plots today, to check out the damage there. Oddly enough most of the small lightweight items of allotment equipment, situated on the majority of plots, such as compost bins, wheelbarrows, plastic fencing and the like, seemed to have been unaffected by the 2 storms of Monday/Tuesday and Thursday night of this week. I was extremely lucky to have only suffered some minor damage on my plots. 3 plant pots in my poly tunnel were blown over with their contents deposited across the tunnel's floor. There was a slight tear in one of the tunnel vents caused by the wind and apart from the lower ends of N2's 2 main beds being underwater, the only other damage was to a dustbin which had been blown over by the wind.

Having checked out my plots for damage, I took a walk around the allotments' road to see what other damage the destructive high winds and driv…

Seasons Greetings.

Seasons Greetings To Everyone

"We go, in winter's biting wind,
On many a short-lived winter day,
With aching back but willing mind
To dig and double dig the clay."
  Ruth Pitter, (The Diehards)

Plugs & Carbs All Jammed Up

With both my plots ready for next season its been a leisurely few weeks for me, pottering about in my back garden for several days. The borders have been weeded, shrubs trees and plants pruned or cut back and the Autumn leaves from neighbouring trees have been raked up and added to my compost heaps on N1 Plot. The lawn has been raked, aerated and a mix of soil and sand has been applied to fill in a few dips in its surface. Just the greenhouse to tidy with some cleaning and disinfecting to do on it, before it again sees the addition of some early sown vegetable seeds in their pots and trays. Oh! and some fence painting to finish off.

With the M.O.T. Test being due last month on my trusty 20 years old Vauxhall Astra I was wondering if it would pass its test this time. Deciding not to wait for the test I bought another car, deciding to keep the Astra as a "spare". A few days after the purchase, the Astra, for the first time ever, refused to start. Several hours of tinkering wi…

Rooko's Decembers Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1.  If you have done the final cut of the year to your lawn, clean off the lawnmower and remember if you are using unleaded petrol it does not "keep" so drain off any fuel left in the mower before storing the mower until next year.

2. Red & white currants, Gooseberries, Autumn raspberries & outdoor grapevines can be pruned this month but not if heavy frosts are expected. Seal any pruning wounds.

3. Most summer bulbs are not Winter hardy so dig them up, remove excess soil and store them in a cool dry place indoors, ready for re-planting next year.

4. If your outdoor plant containers are too large or heavy to move to a frost free place, make sure they are insulated for the Winter. Fleece, bubble wrap or (polythene sheeting over cardboard sheets) can be used.

5. Hardwood cuttings from Currants & Gooseberries can be taken this month.

6. Order your fruit and veg catalogues now.

7. If the soil on your allotment is still reasonably dry, digging/rotavating compost or ma…