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Rooko's July Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. If you are harvesting oodles of fruit this year, 1 use for it, is to puree it and freeze it for future use. Simmer the fruit until soft then add to a blender until smooth, sweeten to taste. Try it with iced cream or mix with yoghurts or mousses.

2. Don't neglect your herb plants during the Summer. Herbs will go to seed the same as other types of plants so pinch out the heads as soon as they appear, should stop the bitter taste of the herb as well.

3. The past couple of weeks have been generally hot and dry here in Somerset, causing extra watering of many plants. To conserve water, do your watering either early mornings or late evening to alleviate evaporation from the soils surface.

4. Plenty of weeds in your garden or plot?? Try spraying them with vinegar and save on expensive weed killers. Using vinegar as a weed killer may lower the pH of the soil slightly but this should only be temporary.

5. Many gardeners grow lots of flowers in small pots, perhaps arranged around the ga…

Spuddling Along

Most allotment holders will probably have heard the following phrase, possibly more than once, with reference to crops that are not developing as quickly as others are, "never mind they will soon catch up". Well with the unpredictable weather so far this year it's been a waste of time trying to second guess it, when it comes to the usual sowing and planting advice, weekly or monthly. Most of my crops are reasonable at the moment and for the past couple of weeks I decided to concentrate on some maintenance and landscaping jobs down my plots. This coming weekend it's back to some more seed sowing and after that I will be "chucking" things into the ground ad lib waiting for them to "catch up". It seems the reasonable thing to do, seeing as they will catch up anyway. Not a honey bee in sight yet, a distinct lack of rain, hot and cold temperatures and the crops are still looking good so whats the problem. Only 2 so far, my 4 rows of Parsnips have fai…

Nothing More To Say

What do you say after picking the first punnet of Strawberries of the season??

Shedloads All Round

With both of my plots almost fully planted and sown for a while now and most of the veggies and fruit growing well, it was time for another project to keep me off the street corners. The front garden project of removing the lawn, top soil, paving slabs and some of the sub-soil is finished and is now awaiting the next phase of construction. The soil and paving slabs have been transported to my allotments and are being re-used there.

 Last Thursday I decided to re-position the shed on N2 plot. I had inherited the 10 feet x 6 feet shed along with the plot. The shed was old and badly situated close to the drainage ditch bank, on the lowest, dampest part of the plot which is susceptible to water logging & flooding at times. Most of the floor boards, several side panels & some of the vertical wooden supports were already rotted away but I decided that repairing the shed would be a far cheaper option than buying a new one of comparable size. I constructed supports for the shed base …