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Rooko's March Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. Refresh your houseplants by removing some of their soil and replacing it with some new potting soil.

2. A great variety of plant seeds can be sown this month, both indoors and out. If you are unsure when and how to sow certain seeds check through any seed catalogs you may have, many will tell you when and how to sow seeds.

3. Keep some of your watering cans filled and in a sheltered place. When its time to water delicate seedlings the water being used should be a few degrees warmer, than water straight from the tap. This will help to stop seedlings being "shocked".

4. In my neck of the woods many birds are already looking for nesting sites. If you have built or purchased bird boxes over the Winter months, now is the time to put them outside.

5. Many gardeners will already have sown Tomato seeds somewhere warm. When planting out allow at least 3 feet (92cm) between plants. Remove some of the lower leaves and plant deeply. Add some sturdy stakes immediately after planting.

Day 1

Apart from early January when I planted some Asparagus, visits to my plots has been out of the question due to, oddly enough, what else but rain. After 2 dry and sunny days last Monday & Tuesday I decided to begin this seasons first task last Wednesday on N1 Plot which is the drier of the 2 plots. The majority of ground on both N1 & N2 Plots was still mainly wet and sticky but the standing water of  late has drained away. Too early for sowing my favourite veggie, sweetcorn, I decided to prepare the ground where my 2nd favourite veggie, runner beans, will be situated this season. The main support framework of scaffolding poles is permanently erected, running down the length of the L-shape bed. The intention was to take out 2 trenches, 1 running each side of the poles, which at 8 inches (20 cm), spacing of the plants/seeds, gives me enough growing room for 110 bean plants. I dug out the first trench, taking the top soil out, down to just over a spits depth. Approximately 4 inch…

Lucky Lucky Lucky

Living not far from the Somerset Levels I consider myself lucky not to be affected by flooding, unlike many other unfortunate people living in various parts of the country. My latest video of my plots was taken earlier today, after another mornings rainfall. The rain has died away as I type and the wind is picking up yet again.

Just a couple more photographs taken earlier today.
There's Always Tomorrow!!


Is your plot/garden underwater at present. Mine is. Don't say I didn't drop a few hints in previous posts about the weather anomalies. The current weather is the storms before the calm.

There's Always Tomorrow!! Maybe.

Rooko's February Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. Add some extra rain water harvesting containers to your garden or allotment before the current rain stops and we get a hosepipe ban introduced. (Californians may be too late).

2. If you are thinking of growing Carrots and/or Cabbages this season, try growing some Sage plants close to them as the Sage will discourage cabbage moths and carrot flies, as does Rosemary.

3. Many perennial plants can be divided this month if your beds and borders are not frozen or waterlogged. Large clumps can be divided into 5 or 6 smaller clumps and smaller clumps into 2 or 3 clumps. Re-plant the divided clumps straight away after division.

4. Lots of different types of vegetables can be sown outdoors (under cover) this month. Again make sure that their planting area is not waterlogged or subject to possible freezing.

5. Fruit trees and bushes can be fed with Sulphate of Potash this month.

6. Digging over allotment beds can still continue this month as well as lightly forking over flower beds and borde…