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Is It April Already (Time for a Video Then)

With Spring seeming to be flying by and daily visits to my plots since my post of  22nd March, I thought it was about time to start another blog post before I forget how. Busy is an understatement since the middle of last month and my plots are still not fully prepared for sowing and planting yet. The weather here has been reasonable lately with plenty of fine sunny days, ideal for gardening. Most of the other allotment blogs I have read lately are brimming with the normal Spring planting and sowing details, putting me to shame with their pictures of germinating seeds, well prepared vegetable and flower beds and other allotment projects in various stages of progress. This season and due to the wet Winter I decided to make sure that both my plots had their ground re-cultivated before any other tasks, including sowing and planting took place. So far I have completed the cultivation and feeding of most of N1 Plot and with only 2 half beds on N2 Plot to complete, I should be back on trac…

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Rooko's April Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. My local weather forecast this evening was of wind and rain showers over this coming weekend. Also mentioning sub-tropical conditions prior to some frosty conditions next week. Make sure you have got some cloches or other protective coverings handy, to protect those delicate seedlings that may already be growing on your plot or in your garden. Late frosts can still be a problem well into May.

2. If you have a garden pond containing various aquatic plants, April is the time to divide water lilies and other plants. Re-plant the divided plants into pots of aquatic compost.

3. April is a good time to start planting Summer flowering bulbs. Beware of planting them into wet ground or add sharp sand to the planting area if it is wet.

4. Start making up those home made sprays to combat aphids, more of which will start to appear as the weather becomes, (hopefully warmer). Or alternatively plant some of the following that should deter aphids, Onions, Radish, Petunias, Garlic, Coriander, Chiv…