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Its Busy Lately!!

There's Always Tomorrow!!

Rooko's July Top 10 Tips & Tryouts

1. When you have finished boiling your veggies for a meal, use the water they have been boiled in (after it has cooled down) to water your potted plants with.

2. If you have a compost heap don't forget to turn it. The heap should be kept moist but not saturated with water. If the heap smells sweet then it is decomposing correctly.

3. Have you ordered your Autumn planting bulbs yet? It'll be Autumn before you know it.

4. Use a high in potash liquid feed each time you water your tomatoes.

5. Ventilate your greenhouse or poly tunnel during hot spells of weather. Leave the doors open if necessary and remember some plants and vegetables are pollinated by insects overnight.

6. If you have an over abundance of fruit on your fruit trees, thin some out to prevent branches snapping due to too much weight bearing.

7. Wooden structures such as fences should be painted when the wood is dry. Use a good preservative that soaks into the woodwork as well as looking nice on the surface.

8. Whe…

A Different Aspect

If you like your weather blazing hot with no cooling breezes and a cloudless sky from dawn until dusk, well good luck if you are sunbathing on a beach somewhere. With similar weather here, over the past fortnight, gardening tasks on my plots have been more pleasant, either early on a morning or later in the day out of the searing heat of the sun. With quite a few planting, sowing, weeding and re-organizing tasks still to complete on my plots, utilizing mornings and evenings only, has really been out of the question. Air temperatures over the past fortnight have been around the 17C/20C outdoors and into the 30C + ranges inside poly tunnels and greenhouses. With frequent breaks and some welcome shelter from the sun either in my sheds or beneath the hedgerow at the lower end of my plots, various tasks have been carried out using as little effort as possible. Work on the 4 small beds on N2 Plot (converting them into 2 beds) has stopped for the time being, mainly due to the now hard groun…

Best Week So Far

With several warm and sunny days since the beginning of this month, (although the weather befits April), I have been out and about on my plots, sowing, planting, digging and weeding, most of the time that daylight would allow. Converting the 4 small vegetable beds on N2 Plot into 2 larger beds is approximately 50% completed with the digging and path clearing aspect being a little slow due to heavy showers now and again, holding up progress. My fruit bush bed on N1 Plot also needed weeding and the lower half of it required weeding and turning, due to the fact it had lain fallow since I removed the Summer raspberries from it, last year. I estimated that approximately 150 current bushes had self seeded in this area, from the parent bushes. I am currently in the process of lifting and potting up these tiny bushes, no quick task on damp clay. Due to the recent alternating hot, then showery cool weather, many plants have now at last started to develop quickly around the plots. Main crop po…

Rooko's June Top 10 Tips & Tryouts

1. The grass areas around my plots seems to be growing rapidly due to the recent wet and warm weather conditions. If you have grass or lawns mow them on a weekly basis adding the clippings to your compost heap. Read the instructions on any weedkillers you may have used on the grass regarding how long the clippings need to be composted for, before using them as mulches or digging them into your garden.

2. Hoe out any annual weeds but make sure perennial weeds are completely removed including their roots.

3. June is usually the perfect time to plant out those veggies and tender plants being kept protected from late frosts and cold weather, but don't forget to sow & plant veggies in succession to avoid any gluts.

4. Lift & divide overgrown flowering bulbs for example daffodils.

5. Newly planted trees and hedging will benefit from being kept weed free.

6. Give strawberries a potassium rich fertilizer weekly whilst they are fruiting.

7. Don't forget to nip out the side sho…