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Rooko's September Top 10 Tips & Tryouts

1. With Septembers weather forecast to be warm and sunny here in U.K., don't forget to keep watering veggies that are not yet ready to be harvested (other plants too). Give plants a good watering, perhaps once a week, rather than little and often.

2. If you are short on animal manure for your allotment, think about sowing a green manure such as mustard which can be dug or rotavated into the soil later in the year or next Spring.

3. Make "a re-cycled items list" of useful gardening items you ran out of this year. Examples, plastic bottles and other containers, bits of string for plant ties, jam jars, egg boxes for chitting potatoes. Etc etc.

4. September is probably the prime month to be stung by wasps. At this time of year wasps start to feed on fermenting/over ripe fruit so be wary of drunken wasps.

5. Sow some of the following crops in September. Spring onions, radish, Winter hardy onion white lisbon, Spring cabbages, Japanese onions. Autumn onion sets, garlic.

6. Whe…

Not Exactly Buried Treasure

I thought the inscription on the bottle lid was rather unusual. Made from aluminium I uncovered it whilst edging one of the vegetable beds on N1 Plot this afternoon. The grass areas where a was working have been uncultivated for over 50 years except for the grass being mowed. The inscription on the lid reads:
"KIA-ORA Ltd Suppliers of Fruit Beverages By Appointment to the late King George VI

Well There's Always Tomorrow??

Ad Libbing Into Next Season

Well, when all is said and done, planning ahead for a successful years allotment harvest can usually be thrown into chaos at the drop of a hat by the great, unfathomable British weather. After last winters deluges of rain and the associated flooding many allotments which were prepared for planting in Autumn 2013 needed preparing again when the rains finally abated. Was there a Spring? as I remember it here in Somerset, we were more or less straight into hot summery weather, giving us high temperatures and parched ground to work with, for several months, until about 2 weeks ago, when temperatures tumbled and the sun struggled to find a gap in the clouds to shine through. With only approximately 4 days with any appreciable rain here since the Winter monsoons abated, surprisingly, the majority of my crops have been good or very good, although I have sown less crops overall than I have done in previous years. Due to the hot dry Summer I decided to re-design large areas of both my plots, …

Rooko's August Top 10 Tips & Tryouts

1. If you are planning to have a soft fruit area in your garden or on your allotment, order the plants now and prepare the ground ready to plant them. The plants should be delivered "bare rooted" during the Winter, ready for planting next spring.

2. Blossom end rot on your tomatoes is generally a sign of calcium deficiency in the plant. Regular (but not over-watering) is possibly the answer, do not allow the growing medium to dry out.

3.If you are working on your allotment over long periods of time during hot/humid weather conditions, ensure you have drinks available to avoid getting dehydrated.

4. If you are planting out Kale/Sprouts, plant them deeply to help their development.

5. Compost heaps should be kept moist but not wet to aid the production of good compost. If the heap becomes very dry, moisten it with water. During heavy periods of rain cover the heap to stop it getting soggy and leaching out. The ideal temperature range for the heap is between 90 degrees F and 1…

Planning For Next Season

Along with the cultivating, sowing, planting and harvesting this year, both of my plots have and are being re-designed. Some of the grass paths between and around the various beds have been removed with some of the smaller beds enlarged. Much of the wooden edging around most of the same beds has also been removed and a fruit cage erected on N1 Plot. I am still in the process of moving strawberry plants from their original bed, re-planting them inside the fruit cage. The new layouts of the plots are shown below.



There's Always Tomorrow!!