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With frequent mentions, in the media lately, of the driest September on record for the U.K. in general, it got me thinking of the weather in my area so far this year. If my memory serves me correctly, with approximately 3 and a half days of some patchy rain in Taunton, since the deluges and floods of last Winter, then that must be a record also. Although surrounding local areas here have had more rain and a few thunder storms since last Spring, in general they have bypassed Taunton. The recent t.v. weather forecasts have been correct and as predicted, last night saw the first heavy downpours of rain and high winds this Autumn. I liked the terminology in one forecast which mentioned persistent rain, rather than heavy or torrential. I was hoping to visit my plots this morning but the persistent overnight rain has put paid to that idea.

With only a handful of tasks to complete down the plots before Winter, such as some repairs to my poly tunnel and part of 1 growing bed plus the L-shaped bed on N1 Plot to prepare, things can be left until later this week. I expect that last nights high winds may have caused some damage, which will give me an indication of what needs battening down for the Winter. Another job I was hoping to do today, was to cover my late carrot plants and lettuces with cloches, but as the latest weather forecast mentioned air temperatures rising a little by the end of this week, there is no hurry to do that either. With 50% of the pruning done last week, to my fruit bushes, I expect the rest can be completed by the end of this week or before any frosts are forecast. Once the remaining marrows and squashes have been harvested, that just leaves any odd jobs and keeping the plots tidy for the rest of the year to do. This season seems to have flown by but has been more leisurely than past seasons and the plots are now in the condition and layout that I want for the foreseeable future.

Just thought I would add a couple of photographs I missed in earlier posts. Its persisting down again outside, so its time for a cuppa.

Strawberry Tree
1st 2 Strawberries of Any Appreciable Size on One of My Strawberry Trees N2 Plot

Strawberry Plants
Strawberry Plants Moved & Re-planted Into Fruit Cage Earlier This Year

There's Always Tomorrow!!


  1. Such a good idea to keep the plant in the cage. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I just have to put the netting over the roof next spring and that should keep the birds from my fruit bushes and strawberries.

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