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Another Overcast Week

With just 2 visits to my plots this week again, today and last Monday. Only a little tidying up needed doing and a few weeds required pulling and disposing of, onto the compost heap, so things are moving slowly. I may get around to the 2 main tasks I have left over this year, some time next week, those of repairing my poly tunnel vents and replacing several water butt taps which have worked loose. The plots are mainly damp and looking very Autumnal, although the soil is still workable, (using walking boards), any remaining preparation can now wait until early Spring next year, as I am taking a few well earned breaks from most gardening tasks until then.
Broad beans
Broad beans (Aquadulche) Mid Nov 2014
 In one of my earlier posts I remarked that I thought this coming Winter would bring some extremely bad weather. When I visited my plots last Monday I found beds 3 and 4 already had approximately 6 inches of standing rainwater across their lowest ends. Despite some heavy overnight rain and daytime showery rain this week, the water had drained away by the time I visited the plots today. Hopefully the clearing of the drainage ditch I carried out earlier this year has paid off, as there was no sign of further underground water running into the ditch from the plots, as there was on Monday. Anyone who watched the Andrew Marr show this morning, on the B.B.C. (Bulls******s Baffling the Country) may have heard him comment about the wettest Winter on record, to come, this Winter.

Having harvested a couple of excellent sized cabbages and some spring onions earlier today the rest of the crops growing around the plots need little attention at this time of the year. My parsnips growing in one of my raised beds were weeded out for the first time this season, mainly due to a wasps nest close by them. Having been left to their own devices since being sown, I forked over and weeded the damp and compacted soil around the plants, uncovering the shoulders of the roots to discover some excellent sized specimens. Just some frost needed now to add a little flavour to them, or so the experts say??

Parsnips (Hollow Crown) Mid Nov 2014

 There's Always Tomorrow!!!


  1. That's two visits more than us, It amazes me how forecasters reckon they cab forecast what the weather will be like over winter when they often can't get tomorrow correct. It;s been wet and miserable all week here but when we look at the info from the rain gauge there has been just an average amount of rain.

    1. I keep thinking that I should create a weather station down my plots because I think that over recent years weather conditions are becoming more localized. Its been pretty damp here for a few weeks now with some "localized" flooding on the Somerset levels already and the sea wall at Dawlish which got washed away last Winter has been damaged again. I don't think either has made the news to any degree yet.

    2. Our Garden is a mud bath at the moment. It is just too soggy to even dig it over. We only have two Broccoli plants in the raised beds to keep an eye on. We are having a well earned rest until the Spring too. Take care now. Marion

    3. I've got a couple of maintenance jobs still to do but I'm having a lazy Winter this year down my plots. Have a nice Christmas.


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