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Now And Then

10 days ago the main road between Taunton, where I live, and Glastonbury (across the Somerset Levels), was passable for the first time since the flooding began across Somerset, before Christmas. Many householders not far from here are just returning to their flooded properties for the first time this week. It still takes a lot of imagination to realize just how much rainwater has been soaked up into the ground. As my regular readers will know, both my plots are at the lower south end of a gentle slope on our allotments. The weather for the past 2 weeks or so has been without rain, mostly sunny and breezy, except for the past few days with some rain and hail showers and lowering temperatures Sowing and planting this year for me is later than usual, as most of the soil on my plots is still wet and compacted. Having prepared all the beds, ready for sowing and planting by the end of last November,  I am currently having to repeat most of that preparation. The soil on most of the plots ha…

Slippery When Wet

Its no use moaning about the wet weather here seeing as the t.v. cameramen and politicians have trickled away from the area now, just a pity they didn't take the rain with them. With a few sunny days last week and the waters on the Somerset levels beginning to recede at last, I continued indoors with some more D.I.Y. mainly clearing out junk from my garage and painting its walls white to brighten the dingy interior. With some more extremely heavy rains overnight on Thursday and Friday and intermittent showers and drizzle in between, my plots are still too wet to achieve any substantial work on them. Saturday was dry, as was this morning, so just before midday I toddled off down to the allotments to pot up various seeds. The drizzly rain started again as I arrived at the allotment gate, I assume just to test my patience further. After donning my wellies and depositing 3 bags of kitchen waste onto my compost heaps, I drained the rusty water from my shed padlocks and unlocked the sh…