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Back To The Future

A while ago, early last year in fact, I decided I was going to tend my allotments during the Spring, Summer and Autumn, weather permitting, using the Winter months to concentrate on tending my garden at home and to do any D.I.Y. or decorating jobs on my house. So far so good this Winter. My back garden is looking in good condition at the moment with the borders tidied, shrubs and trees pruned back and the trellis which ran the length of my patio, along the flower border parallel to the house, removed, as has the massive clematis which was growing along its length. The trellis woodwork had been decaying for some time and adding more supports to it was no longer an option, so it had to go. The bonuses are, more daylight is now getting through my lounge windows and the garden appears larger than before due to the fact that it is no longer screened off from the patio area by the clematis.

As far as D.I.Y. and decorating inside my house is concerned, well plenty of that has been done sinc…