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Back To The Future

A while ago, early last year in fact, I decided I was going to tend my allotments during the Spring, Summer and Autumn, weather permitting, using the Winter months to concentrate on tending my garden at home and to do any D.I.Y. or decorating jobs on my house. So far so good this Winter. My back garden is looking in good condition at the moment with the borders tidied, shrubs and trees pruned back and the trellis which ran the length of my patio, along the flower border parallel to the house, removed, as has the massive clematis which was growing along its length. The trellis woodwork had been decaying for some time and adding more supports to it was no longer an option, so it had to go. The bonuses are, more daylight is now getting through my lounge windows and the garden appears larger than before due to the fact that it is no longer screened off from the patio area by the clematis.

Back Garden Trellis Out Archway In (Jan 2015)
As far as D.I.Y. and decorating inside my house is concerned, well plenty of that has been done since last November. In fact anyone who has moved house before, will know just how much work, effort and stress is involved. As I don't do things by halves, after getting the decorating done and a few of those "I'll do it tomorrow" jobs completed, I put my house on the market yesterday. I'm not convinced its the correct time of year to sell a house but I would like to get things over and done with soonest, before the recent regular frosts give way to sowing and planting time, down my plots.
Rhubarb N2 Plot (Jan 2015)

First Daffodils (Jan 2015)

I made the first visit to my plots, in just over a month, this afternoon. As I normally do some work on the plots over the Winter I was wondering what condition they would be in, on my arrival just after midday. To my surprise they were in much the same condition as they were before Christmas. A few plants, mainly my cabbages, had suffered the effects of the many recent overnight frosts. I was surprised to see lettuce still in usable condition, growing on N2 Plot, along with leeks and carrots still standing in good condition on N1 Plot. Many Spring flowering bulbs were well developed but not flowering as yet, although a couple of daffodil plants were showing good blooms. These were planted into the drainage ditch bed some time ago, which is situated well below the frost line on the plots. I was also pleasantly surprised to see very few weeds on my plots, only 3 patches of annual weeds were to be seen. 2 patches on No 2 bed which was composted in the Autumn and 1 patch of weeds on No5 bed, which was to be expected as this area has had the least amount of hand weeding done on it over the past 2 years. With some high winds and heavy rain early in January for a week or so there was surprisingly little damage around the allotments. On the down side, my poly tunnel hadn't fared too well from the high winds earlier this month and one of my water tanks had sprung a leak since my last visit. The poly tunnel was badly ripped apart across its western end, with several of the metal supports broken throughout its length. I spent most of the afternoon dismantling it and salvaging as many usable parts of it as possible. By 1630 I had finished the task and as the afternoon sun was fading and temperatures dropping quickly it was time to spuddle off home, leaving the lettuce seedlings in the ground, where they had germinated inside the tunnel, wondering if another frost tonight would finish them off.
Broad beans N2 Plot (Jan 2015)
Poly Tunnel Damage (Jan 2015)
"Catkins" Western Hedgerow (Jan 2015)
 There's always tomorrow!!


  1. Decorating before you move out or decorating your new home?

    We habe work to do in the garden but it is still too wet and soggy for the jobs we want to do.

    1. Some decorating and odd jobs before I move. Most of the garden work was done between November and Christmas so its just a case of keeping it tidy now. My plots are just about dry enough to start working at present but lots of nightly frosts this year so far.

  2. Sorry to hear about the damage to the polytunnel. Will you put up a new one?

    1. I've already ordered a similar polytunnel on line. The damaged one lasted about 3 years which equates to about £17 per year. I'm hoping the next one will be of a sturdier construction. The frameworks seem sturdy enough but I think some parts of the cover need a few tweaks.

  3. The trellis has very nice design. It's inspiring me.

    1. Hi Endah, sorry for the very late reply. Glad you like the trellis/archway. I think the metal ones generally look better than most wooden ones, but I suppose its a matter of individual taste. I would have liked to have had more of the metal "fence" panels to make longer sections across the garden on each side of the arch, but the manufacturers don't make them.

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