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Frosty But On The Up

Busy but leisurely is how I would describe the past few weeks working down my plots. Frequent overnight frosts have put paid to planting out certain crops, which in previous years would have been hardened off and established by this time of year. My emerging main crop potato plants were affected by frost last Monday night, luckily not enough to cause any permanent damage to them. Our climates, cool weather crops, carrots, beetroot, swede, turnips, spring onions, lettuce, cabbage, broad beans, sown from seed are faring well despite the night time drops in temperature. Working down the plots recently has been pleasant enough in the warm sunshine, although its on with my jacket as soon as any clouds appear as temperatures tend to drop quickly, funny old game. 2 rows of sprout plants were planted out into the lower end of No 4 bed this afternoon, probably the coolest area of my plots. How they fare will be seen by next week after more frosts have been forecast here for this coming weeken…

Moving Along Nicely

Since my last allotment post on March the 16th work has been progressing nicely down my plots. Although the overcast cool weather in March didn't look like breaking, several sunny days since have allowed plenty of opportunities to get both my plots into good shape for this season. No 4 bed on N2 Plot is the only one still too claggy to allow any sowing or planting. This bed will be this seasons brassicas bed and although it has been rotavated twice in the past month and previously well limed. I estimate it will be about another week before it is dry enough to work on, provided the rain holds off.

 No 3 bed on N2 Plot has had several rows of peas, (Hurst greenshaft and Oregan sugar pods) sown into it recently, 5 rows of which are already showing shoots. This bed was kept covered over the Winter with black plastic sheeting, after being cleaned and rotavated. After the covers were removed the bed was completed devoid of weeds and needed little prep before sowing, even a patch of stub…

Rooko's April Top 10 Tips & Tryouts

1. Finish clearing away any decaying foliage and rubbish from your plot or garden. If left lying around it is a haven for slugs snails and other pests and can also spread diseases to plants shrubs and trees.

2. If you are growing tomatoes this season and are worried about blight, here is a selection of possible blight resistant types. Ferline, Fantasio (f1), Legend.

3. April is usually a good time to use a weed and feed treatment on your lawn.

4.  Gooseberries, red and white currants can be pruned this month and give blackberry and black currant plants some high nitrogen feed.

5. Established flower beds and borders will benefit from a top dressing of general purpose fertiliser, be careful to keep it off plant leaves and emerging shoots.

6. After a relatively mild Winter in many parts of the U.K., now may a good time to prepare some homemade insect sprays or try other methods of control.  HERE'S A LINK that might be useful.

7. Main crop potato planting should be finished by the en…