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Rooko's May Top 10 Tryouts & Tips

1. If you have flower beds or veggie beds edged with raised wooden planks/battens to separate them from grass paths, try the following method to easily remove them to facilitate edging/mowing the grass. Sink plastic down pipe offcuts at various intervals along the edges of your borders. Screw supports to the wooden planks/battens to fit into the pipe. Ensure a correct level and insert the fixed supports into the pipes. Lift out the planks/battens as required.
Removable Edging Support (30 April 15) From re-cycled Materials
2. Flea beetles can be a nuisance this month causing untold damage to small plants/seedlings. Try and keep the soil around plants/seedlings moist and disturbed (hoeing). Flea beetles don't like damp loose soil.

3. Asparagus is best cooked soon after picking it. It will keep fresh for about a week if the cut ends (bundled) are placed into about 1 inch of fresh water in a bowl.

4. If you are sowing cucumber seeds (or similar) into pots/trays, sow the seeds on their sides cover with approximately half an inch of compost or soil but do not firm down after covering the seeds.

5. Whether you have a vegetable or flower garden, now is a good time to plant some lavender as it will attract both butterflies and bees to your garden.

6.The following are just a few of the BENEFICIAL insects in your garden, don't kill them. Ladybirds, lacewings, dragonflies, ground beetles, centipedes, hoveflies, wasps, bees, bee flies.

7. Peas dislike being grown near members of the onion family.

8. If you are growing peas this season, many varieties require supports. Either use pea sticks, pig wire or twine threaded around garden canes.

9. Using weed and feed type products on your grass areas may mean that any grass cuttings may contain toxins. Check instructions on packaging as to whether the clippings can be composted safely.

1. Sow the following this month: Runner Beans, French Beans, Beetroot, Broccoli, Calabrese, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chicory, Kale, Kohl-rabi, Lettuce, Peas, Radish, Spring Onions, Swedes, Turnips.
2. Sow Sweetcorn, Marrows, Pumpkins (under cover).
3. Plant out seedlings such as, Brussels Sprouts, Summer Cabbage, Celery, Leeks. Winter Cauliflower, Spring Cabbage, Sprouting Broccoli & Kale should be ready for harvesting now.
1. Keep weeds down by hoeing.
2. If late frosts are likely keep fleece handy to cover plants with.
3. Thin out plants as required.


  1. I must pot up my rooted lavender cuttings

    1. I need to get 1 or 2 more plants for my plots. I've got 1 in my fruit cage and a couple in my back garden but I never seem to get round to taking many cuttings, apart from 3 apple tree cuttings this year which are budding at the moment.

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