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Rooko's September Top 10 Tips & Tryouts

1. After several wet days in the past fortnight and temperatures dropping quite noticeably, especially overnight, check the ventilation of greenhouses and poly tunnels if you still have fruit and veg ripening within them. My tomatoes have been very slow to ripen this year. It may be prudent to strip all the leaves and stems from the plants to aid ripening.

2. Lifting potatoes is best done when the soil is reasonably dry. About this time of year slugs/worms are more likely to attack tubers and blight can set in after being spread around after rain showers.

3. If your beds are clear of veggies, now is the time to dig or rotavate them, ready for next season, adding manure or compost as required. This will save time next Spring.

4. If you prefer to dig/rotavate in the Spring, try sowing a green manure such as mustard. Mustard (a biofumigant) not only keeps many weeds at bay but is also useful in deterring soil borne pests.

5. Now is a good time to plant out Autumn onion sets & garlic.

6. If you don't have the positions of your perennial plants in the garden indicated with markers, why not draw up a map, before they die back, so you can remember where they are.

7. After harvesting the last of your Autumn raspberries cut back their canes.

8. Don't leave those runner and french beans too long before picking them otherwise they will become tough and stringy. Better to freeze them than waste them. Top and tail, slice, blanche for 2 minutes, open freeze then keep in the freezer in an airtight storage container.

9. Slugs and snails are still out and about especially under and around decayed vegetable matter. Keep beds and borders free of their hiding places. A sharpened stick or pair of garden shears will put an end to most molluscs.

1. Winter hardy lettuce can be sown in September as well as hardy Spring Onions.
2. Spring Cabbages can be planted out now.
3. Parsnips will taste better if left in the ground until after a frost.
1. Prune Summer fruiting Raspberries.
2.  Runners from Strawberries can be planted now.
3. Add manure, lime or green manures to your soil, depending on each beds condition and your crop rotation.


  1. I agree about the slow ripening of tomatoes this year. I'm sure it's because we so little sun during the so-called "Summer".

  2. We were just asking when the autumn onions were coming in at the local nursery last week. Hopefully they will be here this week and we can start some planting

  3. You have a good garden schedule. I think I should rescheduling all my garden activities. As my garden grow unpredictable.


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